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Join in for Halaqah, topical discussions held the by the Muslim Students Assosciation. Open to students, staff, and faculty.

Halaqah refers to a group meeting or session where Muslims study topics of Islam or passages of the Quran. Often a speaker is invited to present on the topic of the halaqah and those attend to listen, discuss, and ask questions. 

Attendance is by event, click the links to learn more about if registration is needed.

See upcoming topics:

June 3 & 4 
The Final Testament
Burrnaby Campus 
Images Theatre | 10am 
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June 16th
Brothers Halaqah
Burnaby Campus
BLU10021 | 6pm
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June 23
General Halaqah
Burnaby Campus
BLU10021 | 6pm
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Sisters Hifz Circle
Surrey Campus
Zoom | 6:00pm
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Spring 2023

Various Dates


Ahad Ali

Muslim Students Association (MSA)

The MSA is involved in providing a space for Muslims to pray, learn, meet others and get involved in the community as well as many other activities. We strive to meet the following three objectives:
1. To provide and facilitate religious services on all three campuses;
2. To provide and facilitate educational programs on Islam;
3. To provide space and opportunities for creating a sense of Muslim community at SFU.

Contact the MSA Presedential Team: Soraya Elchehimi, Jad Alriyabi, or Meshal Asghar for more information

Connect with the Sunni Chaplaincy 

Connect with the Sunni Chaplaincy at the Multifaith Centre. They are here for you.
Whether it is for spiritual direction, to have a listening ear, or just to connect, reach out today.

Shaheer Muhammad 

Sunni Chaplain

Soraya Elchehimi

Faith Group Lead
Muslim Students Association