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Lifegroups are designed to do life alongside one another. Meeting once a week for a meal their goal is to build friendship, faith, and fun.

Lifegroups focus on the "5 Fs"

  • Friends: Get connected to people in the context of community
  • Food: Enjoy a meal/snacks together.
  • Faith: Be part of some discussion on spiritual matters
  • Family: Pray for one another & live out the 'one anothers' together
  • Fun: Have FUN!!

These small groups start with the term and meet weekly until exams. They are open to new people at any point. Find one that fits with your schedule and get connected today.

Start the week of January 15

  • Tuesdays in UniverCity @ 6:30pm
  • Tuesdays near Joyce Station @ 6:30pm
  • Wednesdays in Global Students Centre @ 6:30pm
  • Wednesdays in UniverCity @6:30pm

Spring 2024


Tuesdays & Wednesdays


Various Locations


Mac Johnson

The Point

The Point's vision is to see people come to authentically know and Love God, to Love the People of our community as Christ loves us, and to Serve All so that they may have a glimpse of what the Kingdom of God looks like, and be welcomed into it. Connect with us in person and Online, and on Facebook or Instagram.

Contact Rhea Tailor or Mac Johnson for more information

Connect with the Baptist Chaplaincy

Connect with the Baptist Chaplaincy at the Multifaith Centre. They are here for you. Whether it is for spiritual direction, to have a listening ear, or just to connect, reach out today.

Mac Johnson

Baptist Chaplain

 Grace Johnson

Baptist Chaplaincy Support