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Exercise doesn’t have to be a struggle. Get a full body workout in a fun, supportive, and high energy environment that will motivate you to reach your fitness goals. With a wide variety of formats, you will never get bored!

Special Cancellations/Changes

Day Date Details
Monday Feb 12 Classes Cancelled (stat holiday)
Tue-Fri  Feb 13 - 16 Classes Cancelled (SFU Reading Break) 
Friday March 30 Classes Cancelled (stat holiday)
Monday April 2 Classes Cancelled (stat holiday)

Class Schedule

Class Descriptions

ABS, BUNS, & THIGHS - CAROLINE Strengthen and tone your abs, buns and thighs in this resistance training class. All levels welcome.

BOOTCAMP -  Bootcamp is a high energy muscle conditioning class that will be sure to get you in shape fast! With high intensity circuit training and resistance exercises, you'll get a great sweat on in no time. All levels welcome!

DANCER’S STRETCH - CAROLINE A fusion of dancer styled core conditioning and lengthening stretches to create long, lean muscle line.

PARTNER FITNESS  –  Partner Fitness is a fun and energizing class that will get you moving. This class will focus on partner based exercises, but no partner is needed (we will provide you one!) so come join us for a class filled with fun! All and any fitness levels welcome!

STRENGTH & STRETCH –  A full body interval training class followed by a deep stretch. All levels welcome!  Strength and Stretch is a full body coditioning class that will build strength, cardio, and improve flexibility. Cardiovascular intervals are combined with resistance training and deep stretching. All levels welcome!

TOTAL BODY CONDITIONING - HANNAH A warm-up and light cardio workout to start, then strength work with body weight, tubing or dumbbells and finally a relaxing stretch.

Not Offered Spring 2018:

ACTIVE STRETCH Get active and get stretching. This class will combine dynamic stretching, flexibility and movements that contribute to you being active and flexible. All levels welcome.

BODY SCULPT A challenging class that involves strengthening, total body sculpting and toning exercises using your own body weight, tubing and hand weights.

CHISEL – CARA Transform your mind and body with this high-repetition muscle conditioning class. Using a variety of conditioning methods and equipment, you'll be led through a motivating and challenging workout that will help you get 'chiseled'!

DEEP STRETCH – HIPS This is a slow paced class that focuses on hips, back and knee health through stretches for the muscles that affect the hips. Many of us sit for extended periods of our day and sometimes find that our legs and hips get tight. This class will focus on stretching the hip flexors, glutes, adductors and other muscles that contribute to lumbar, hip and knee health. Modifications will be offered and all participants are encouraged to find stretches that are best for their body.

TOTAL BODY CONDITIONING – CARA Buff up your bod with our total body conditioning class! Using various conditioning techniques, this class is designed to increase your metabolism and lean muscle mass while burning fat and having fun. This non-choreographed class will motivate, challenge and empower you regardless of your fitness level.

How to Participate

You can participate in Group Fitness by purchasing a Group Fitness Pass or register "ala carte" for each session. Scan your SFU ID, SFU Rec ID card, or show your ala carte receipt.

a) Group Fitness Pass

Your group fitness pass is valid for all of the classes on the Group Fitness Schedule

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