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Exercise doesn’t have to be a struggle. Not able to commit to one Yoga class for the term?  Try a flexible term pass and participate in any of the classes on the Mind, Body, Spirit schedule.

Special Cancellations/Changes

Day Date Details
Monday Feb 12 Classes Cancelled (stat holiday)
Tue - Fri  Feb 13 - 26 Classes Cancelled (SFU Reading Break) 
Friday March 30 Classes Cancelled (stat holiday)
Monday April 2 Classes Cancelled (stat holiday)

Day Date Details
Monday Oct 10 Classes Cancelled (stat holiday)
Friday   Nov 11 Classes Cancelled (stat holiday) 
Day Date Details
Monday Oct 10 Classes Cancelled (stat holiday)
Friday   Nov 11 Classes Cancelled (stat holiday) 

Class Schedule

Class Descriptions

HATHA – CAROLINE Reap the rewards of this age-old healing tradition. Learn the foundations of Hatha yoga and build your knowledge of asana practice. This class will focus on the mobility of joints, postural alignment, effective breathing, body awareness, and stress reduction.

HATHA – RACHAEL Learn the foundations and build your knowledge of asana practice. Attention is paid to good postural alignment, effective breathing, body awareness and relaxation of effort. This is an all levels class and everyone is welcome.

VINYASA (POWER) YOGA – CAROLINE Vinyasa is a great place to start and also a great place to continue challenging yourself. Vinyasa yoga involves progressive sequences that move smoothly from one posture to another. Vinyasa will awaken and sustain your consciousness while building up your power. This style allows for a lot of variety and has both mental and physical benefits.

DANCER’S STRETCH – CAROLINE A fusion of dancer styled core conditioning and lengthening stretches to create long, lean muscle line.

YIN YOGA – CAITLIN Yin yoga is a gentle form of yoga designed to unravel stress and tension by accessing the deeper levels of connective tissue. Through the use of longer holds (3-5 minutes), Yin aims to release tension in the body by releasing connective tissue called fascia. This class will be gentle and slow-paced but will require the development of patience and attentiveness as you dive more deeply into the body and mind.

KUNDALINI YOGA – TESSA Kundalini is a complete form of yoga that stimulates the endocrine, immune and nervous systems. Kundalini is useful in weight-management, stress relief, and easing insomnia. The beautiful mix of postures, breathing techniques, meditations and mantras make it an experience of self-awareness suitable for anyone, even for people with physical disabilities.

FLEXIBILITY YOGA – CAROLINE Yoga poses designed to promote total body flexibility, from seated forward bends to side bends and hip openers. This class will have a big focus on lower body stretching. You'll be guided through a fun and challenging flow sequence that will include hip and hamstring openers. Be sure to wear warm clothing and listen to your body. All levels welcome!

Not Offered Fall 2017:

LAUGHTER YOGA - KASIM IN PARTNERSHIP WITH SFU HEALTH & COUNSELLING SERVICES Enjoy this FREE one hour class that will be sure to be a “laugh riot”. Learn how laughter can reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Participants will practice a series of breathing and movement exercises designed to stimulate laugher and core muscles. Learn to laugh spontaneously while getting fit!

STAFF LAUGHTER YOGA - LEHOA IN PARTNERSHIP WITH SFU HEALTH & COUNSELLING SERVICES Did you know that your body cannot tell the difference between real and fake laughter -- you still get the same health benefits? This is an invitation to join us in Staff Laughter Yoga - an hour break from your desk to de-stress. This is an opportunity to connect with oneself and with others through the universal language of laughter - an activity everyone can practice! This is an interactive session where you will learn, through experience, about what Laughter Yoga is and the benefits of laughter. Pre-requisite: willingness to try something new or wanting a quick break from the desk.

REST & RECOVER YOGA Each class will offer a small handful of poses that are "held" for 5 minutes or longer to allow us to rest and recover from our day. Although there is no aim for this class, similar styles of classes have been found to decrease blood pressure, decrease heart rate and reduce stress. People of all abilities are welcome and invited to join us in this slow, restful practice.

YAMUNA BODY ROLLING Yamuna® Body Rolling (YBR) is a fitness and therapy system that promotes self-care. It is a weight-bearing form of stretching which releases the entire muscle, including tendons. YBR is an experiential approach to muscle release which uses a series of four- to ten-inch re-inflatable balls of various plastic densities to stretch muscle, create space in the joints, re-align bones, increase blood flow, and promote healing of tissue. With a comprehensive knowledge of anatomy, the balls can be used to release surface muscle groups as well as deeper muscles that are closer to the bone. YBR routines work systematically with the natural order of the body: (1) muscles are released from origin to insertion to teach each muscle to release and take space, (2) begin with stimulating bone, then work to tendons, and finally to muscle, and (3) start by releasing larger, more superficial muscles, then work towards smaller, deeper muscles. In addition to muscle release, Yamuna® Body Rolling stimulates bone to help assist in building up bone density through therapeutic weight-bearing, gently applies traction to muscle and bone to create space in the body as well as decompress joints, and finally reorganizes the body structure back to the individuals most natural and biomechanically efficient form.

ACTIVE STRETCH - CAROLINE Get active and get stretching. This class will combine dynamic stretching, flexibility and movements that contribute to you being active and flexible. All levels welcome!

How to Participate

You can participate in Pilates, Yoga and Yamuna classes by purchasing an Unlimited Mind, Body, Spirit Pass or register "ala carte" for each session. Scan your SFU ID or SFU Rec ID card, or show your ala carte receipt.

a) Unlimited MBS Pass

Your Unlimited MBS pass is valid for all of the classes on the Mind, Body, Spirit Schedule

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