Fitness programs

All fitness

Search through all of our fitness program offerings in one place, including: dance, yoga and spin.

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Personal training

No matter what your goals, we have a trainer for you. Our trainers will teach you proper skills and technique so you can succeed.

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Mind Body Spirit

Explore different forms of yoga that offer multiple levels of difficulty. To get unlimited access to all them you, can purchase a Mind Body Spirit Pass.

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Check out our wide variety of dance programs: K-Pop, Zumba, ballet and many more.

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Child and youth

We have a selection of child and youth programs offered at various times throughout the year.

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Group fitness

Attend classes that will stretch, strengthen and condition your body. To get unlimited access to all group fitness programs, you can purchase a Group Fitness Pass.

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Indoor cycle

Spin your way to fitness with our amazing cycle classes.

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Fitness services

Our Fitness Centre offers a variety of free programs we encourage you to take advantage of.

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