Building Eligibility and Assignment Process

Who is Eligible for a Housing Offer?

To be eligible for an offer, you must be a SFU or FIC student who has been admitted or is eligible to enroll for the term to which they are applying for Residence

To move in or continue to the following term, you must:

  • Maintain full-time enrollment (min of 9 credits or equivalent) for Fall and Spring terms.  (See Summer Housing Exceptions in the Residence Handbook)
  • Have no overdue fees to SFU or FIC including tuition and Residence fees.  For more information, see our Residence Fees page.

How much does it cost to stay at each residence building?

Find out how much it cost to stay at each residence and when your Residence fees are due for the term.

What Steps Do I Need To Take to Get a Housing Offer?

Get a step-by-step overview of what you need to do to potentially get a housing offer.

How Does the Waitlist Work?

Curious about how our waitlist works?  Find out how the waitlist works when before and after the start of the term.

Where Do I Get More Info?

If you have more questions about applying to SFU Residence and how our eligibility and assignments process works, please see our FAQs page. 

How Do We Assign Rooms?

Offers are made to eligible students based on the date of completed application with the following priorities:

Undergraduate Students:

New students to Residence

We know that living in Residence can have a strong positive influence on academic success particularly during the first year transition. SFU Residence and Housing will give priority for the majority of our rooms to new students to SFU and to new residents to ensure that everyone who wants the opportunity can experience what living in Residence has to offer.

Returning residents

We do not guarantee Residence for first-year students in order to hold a portion of our rooms for our returning residents.  The majority of these rooms will be in our townhouses and while we will try to meet the Residence type as indicated in the application, students will be offered an available space for which you are eligible based on your date of completed application.

Graduate Students:

Burnaby Residence (Hamilton Hall):

  • Rooms are assigned based on the date of completed application.
  • Offers are made for housing with an end date of mid-August.
  • Residents may opt out for any upcoming term (see Important Dates and Deadlines )

Vancouver Residence (Charles Chang Innovation Centre):

  • All graduate students are assigned based on the date of completed application.
  • All offers will have an end date no earlier than mid-August.

Building Eligibility

Check each building for more details including specialty floors:

NOTE: If accepted to one of our Living Learning Communities, you will be assigned to that communities' building.



Eligibility and Assignment Policy

Towers: Barbara Rae, Shadbolt, and Pauline Jewett   Traditional single rooms with shared bathrooms and mandatory meal plan

Generally First Year Students

New students to Residence

Shell House and McTaggart-Cowan Hall Traditional single rooms with shared kitchen and bathrooms Generally First and Second Year Students
  1. New students to Residence
  2. Returners (a portion of rooms will be allocated for returners)
Townhouses Four single rooms with shared kitchen and living room, and two bathrooms Generally Upper Year Students
  1. New students to Residence
  2. Returners (a portion of rooms will be allocated for returners)
Hamilton Hall Studio style suites Graduate Students
Charles Chang Innovation Centre: Vancouver Residence Studio and 2 bedroom apartments Graduate Students
  1. Graduate students who can commit to 11 month contract
  2. Shorter contracts will be considered based on availability