Housing Waitlist

During the offer process for an upcoming term, the wait list will begin as soon as all offers are made and we are tentatively full. Please log into your application to view the status of your offer. Once the wait list is activated, your waitlist number will show here. 

Summer 2018 Housing Waitlist is Now Closed

The wait list is closed for Summer 2018 applications but vacancies during the term often occur so if you are still looking for housing during the term please contact housing@sfu.ca for availability.

Application Queue

Space in Residence is limited.  There is no guarantee that you will receive a Housing Offer.  However, we continue accepting applications until every space in Residence has been accepted.  

If you are waiting for an offer, you remain in the application queue until move-in day.  If there is a cancellation before move-in, the next eligible student in the application queue will be contacted with an offer.

Housing Waitlist

When you apply to SFU Residences and pay your $50 deposit fee, you are automatically added to the housing queue. Offers are made on an ongoing basis to all admitted students based on your application complete date. Once we have the majority of our spaces accepted, the wait list will be available on your housing portal and you can see your place on the wait list. Throughout the room offering process, we continuously send offers when space becomes available to the next eligible student in the application queue.

Prior to the 1st Day of Classes:

If you have applied on the housing portal and paid the $50 deposit then you will be automatically placed on the waitlist.  Offers will be made to students on this waitlist as space becomes available until the 1st day of classes of the next term.

On the 1st Day of Classes  

On the first day of classes, the application queue will be dissolved and a brand new waitlist for the undergrad residences will be activated. Students who were unable to obtain housing prior to the start of classes but still want a room in Residence must add their name to the new waitlist electronically. 

Off Campus Housing

If you are unable to secure a housing offer or need to look at alternative, off campus housing options, we recommend you visit Places4Students.com as they specialize in providing student housing listings.