Isolating in Residence during COVID-19

If you are currently living in residences and are experiencing symptoms or have been in contact with someone with COVID-19

You are required to follow our health and safety guidelines to isolate in residence:

  • Email the SFU Student Supports team directly at 
  • A representative from the Self-Isolation Support Team will contact you to discuss support options. This may include: moving you to a different room/unit and will include meal delivery. 
  • Our student support team will check in with you regularly.

Isolation protocol:

If you do not have a studio unit, you will be relocated to a room with a private or designated bathroom. You will need to wear a mask if you leave your room to use a designated bathroom.

  • Studio units may arrange for grocery deliveries through the front desk if needed
  • Students who are relocated will have meals from the Dining Hall delivered to your door for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Once you have been cleared by your medical professional you may return to your unit (if relocated)
  • Any other requirements such as personal hygiene or medication deliveries can be arranged through the front desk
  • A Residence Life staff member will check in with you by email or phone during your isolation

All units and shared areas for any resident who isolates while in residence will be cleaned with electrostatic sanitizing sprayers.

Self-Isolation Activities:

Self-Isolating can be lonely and difficult. Thankfully we've come up with some acivities to keep you busy! Download the activities below: