Residence and Housing Front Desk is Now Open 24/7

August 2018

We are always looking for ways to serve you better, so from now on the Residence and Housing Front Desk (below the Dining Hall) will be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Pipeline / No Heat in Townhouses

Oct 12, 2018

After a natural gas pipeline explosion took place near Prince George on Tuesday Oct 9, Fortis BC has announced that a great number of gas consumers could be affected, and has requested that all residential natural gas users conserve as much as possible (turning down thermostats, reducing hot water usage, etc.). To reduce the use of all natural gas appliances, SFU Energy Management has changed the automated settings on the Townhouse boilers so that they will provide heat only when the outdoor air temperature drops below 9 C/48.2 F. Please be prepared to wear extra clothing to stay warm under these exceptional circumstances.

Temporary New Hot-Water Lines

Oct 1, 2018

Temporary hot-water lines will be run from the new lines in the fire lane into the mechanical rooms of each of the three towers. These heavy-duty hoses will cross the breezeway (the pedestrian route that runs under the towers), where they will be protected by ramp-shaped covers. These hoses will remain in place for up to one week. During that time, please use extra caution when walking in the breezeway.

Brief Power Outage at Lower Townhouses

September 19, 2018

As part of the final stages of work on the new parking lot at the south end of West Campus Road, SFU Facilities will need to shut off all electrical power to the four lower Townhouses (PEN, QUA, QUE & SQU) on:

Wednesday, September 19th from approximately 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM.

We advise that you make plans accordingly during this brief power outage. Power should be available in other areas of Residence, such as the Dining Hall. As well, the rest of the campus will not be affected by this power outage. We apologize for any inconvenience this work may cause and wish to thank you again for your cooperation.

The effect of the power outage on residents of the effected Townhouse will be:

1) Your unit will have no electricity

  • Wall sockets will not work
  • Refrigerators and ranges (stove top and oven) will not work
  • Electric lights will not work
  • Regular internet service will be interrupted. You will still be able to access the internet over the cellular network through battery-operated devices

2) Hot water supply will be limited

  • The system that heats water will not function during the outage. We recommend that you don't use your shower/bathtub during the outage. Dishwashing should be kept to a minimum.

3) The laundry rooms will be out of service

4) Have a cell phone?  Remember to fully charge your cell phone the night before, as your charger will not work during the power outage 

5) The fire alarm system will remain fully functional

ANNUAL CURIE Risk Register Inspection

July 24 & 25, 2018

From 9:00AM - 4:00PM on July 24th and 25th an inspector will be assessing potential risks on campus for insurance purposes. The inspector will only be entering common spaces in ALL the residence buildings including washrooms. The inspector WILL NOT be entering any private residence rooms:

  • Townhouse units
  • McTaggart resident rooms
  • Towers resident rooms
  • Hamilton Hall resident studio suites

Residence Life and Residence Facilities Office Moves

May 28, 2018

The Residence Life Team will be moving from Madge Hogarth House into Shell House Residence, 2nd Floor, office 239. Residence Facilities and Maintenance office and staff have relocated to the 2nd floor of Shell House in Rooms 226, 227, 228 and 230.

Madge Hogarth House will Officially Close

May 25, 2018

Madge Hogarth House, the first residence building at SFU will officially close on May 25, 2018. The residence community space (formerly located in Madge), will re-open June 2018 in Shell House Residence.

Telus Coin Phone Replacement  

April 30, 2018

New emergency phones have been installed in three locations where pay phones were removed: MCH lobby, HAM lobby and on the north exterior wall of CHI. (Completed)

Mail-Room has Moved

March 19, 2018:

The Mail room moved on March 19, 2018 to its new location in Residence and Housing Front Office (located under the Dining Hall) to increase and expand the level of service to all residents. Please come with your SFU ID and email confirmation for pick up.

The SFU Residence and Housing Universal WiFi project with Shaw

March 15, 2018: Shaw WiFi Upgrade - Temporary Outage

There will be a temporary WiFi network outage on Thursday, March 15th, 2018 between 5:00 AM and 6:00 AM in order to perform a network upgrade. The network upgrade will be performed remotely; Shaw technicians will not be on campus. We appreciate your continued patience while we work to install the Shaw universal WiFi network.

February 15, 2018: Shaw Universal WiFi now live in Shadbolt!

Residence and Housing is happy to announce that the new Shaw Universal WiFi is now live starting with Shadbolt House. Residents of Shadbolt can now login into the new Shaw WiFi with the provided login information.

The other buildings are not far behind and will soon be transferred over so be on the lookout for more updates to come.

January 8 - March 31, 2018: 

Shaw will be entering private residences rooms and/or townhouse units throughout the term to install Universal WiFi across residence and housing. Check your SFU email regularly for updates. Please note that Shaw may require to enter rooms on multiple occasions in order to install the universal WiFi. An email notification will be sent to you prior to your assigned date.

  • Do not use a 3rd party router; this will cause a drop in your WiFi connection. Please use the WiFi modem that was installed in your room by a Shaw technician
  • Use the username and password that is found on the modem, do not rename your wireless name or change the password, this will cause your devise to lose the WiFi connection
  • If your modem has power, but your devise cannot connect to WiFi try a factory reset. The instructions are attached
  • If you are still experiencing WiFi issues, please submit a Maintenance Request through the SFU Housing Portal. Include the modem’s serial number (Passphrase) and a brief description explaining your WiFi issues.

Laundry Card Machine Update

November 30, 2017: 

You will have two (2) convenient options to load your laundry card. Option 1: Debit/Credit Terminal and Option 2: Pinmate Machine.

Pedestrian Routes for the Remainder of this Week

October 3, 2017:

  • Due to continuing construction activities related to the District Heating Lines Repair project, the pedestrian route immediately north of Shell House will be closed from noon on Tuesday, October 3 until further notice (approximately two to three weeks).  The covered walkway that runs along the south side of the West Parkade will remain open.
    • For residents of the Townhouses, Hamilton Hall and the Towers, the pedestrian routes will be as follows (see also the attached map):
    • To the Dining Hall and the Main Campus: use the breezeway under the Towers and go up the stairs (or elevator) to the Dining Hall entrance.  Carry on eastward to the main campus (note the barrier-free route on the north side of the Parkade if you need to avoid the stairs at the southwest corner of the Parkade).
    • To the Mail Room in Shell House: use the breezeway under the Towers, then just before the Residence office, turn right and use the fire lane on the south side of the Dining Hall to access the front entrance of Shell House.

WiFi is Coming to Residence

August 18, 2017: 

  • Our residence community spoke and we listened. We are excited to announce that starting this week, Residence and Housing will be moving to an upgraded wifi system.

What does this mean for you? There are two phases and two important time frames for you to take note of:

Between now and Move-In: SHAW is installing wireless modems and routers in each room. That means that by the time the Fall Term starts, each resident will have their own personal wireless router and modem as part of their residence package at no additional cost to you. Now you will be able to stream your favourite shows online wirelessly whenever you want.

Additionally, if you are interested in purchasing cable for your own room, SHAW will be on campus during our Move-In Vendor Fair where you can sign up for SHAW cable. You will be able to decide which cable package works within your budget.

During the Fall Term: Starting August 31st and throughout the Fall Term, SHAW will be bringing in their team to begin upgrading each room and building to the newer and better wifi system. What this means is that along with a Residence and Housing staff member, we will need to access your room in order to make the changes. The residence team will be contacting you via your SFU email to give you updates and to let you know what we are doing.

What’s so great about the second phase of the upgrade?

The second phase is even better than the first one. During the second phase, SHAW installers will be removing all modems and routers from each room and instead, you will be part of an entire building access point system. Access points will be placed in every room and in each building. This means that no matter where you are in your building, you will always have access to the internet and wifi, anytime, anywhere.

What do you need to do or bring?

All you need is your laptop, mobile device or tablet. You will not require any other hardware or cables.


  • Spring 2018 Applications Open on August 1st:  All SFU and FIC students who are interested in applying for housing for the Spring 2018 term can now apply.  IMPORTANT: If you are currently on the waitlist and wish to stay on the waitlist for a possible Fall 2017 housing offer, DO NOT submit an application for Spring 2018.  At the end of September, all waitlisted students will be given the option of forwarding their application to Spring 2018 at no extra charge.

  • July 14, 2017: Fall 2017 Term (September - December 2017) Undergraduate Applications are now Closed:
    Applications for the Fall 2017 term are now closed due to being tentatively full. For those still seeking housing for the Fall 2017 term (September – December 2017), we strongly encourage you to continue looking outside of residence for the Fall 2017 term. Below are a few options for you. For more information including some options, Click Here.

  • July 14, 2017: Fall 2017 Term (September - December 2017) CCIC Graduate Applications are still Open: 
    If you are a Graduate student seeking residence at our downtown Vancouver residence at the Charles Change Innovation Centre (CCIC), applications are still open.

  • Update on Undergraduate Waitlist Numbers: Students who have a completed housing application and are eligible for a housing offer are given a waitlist number that you can see on the housing portal.   The undergrad waitlist up until June 1, 2017 was comprised of one list that included all students.  It did NOT take into account your building eligibility.  We have since split our undergrad waitlists into two so that your waitlist number is now tied to your building eligibility.  Townhouse eligible applications are on one list.  Towers and Traditional Residences (Shell House & McTaggart-Cowan) eligible applicants are on another.  By doing this, your waitlist number should now better reflect your position in our offer queue.  Please note that housing offers will be made as rooms are made available.
  • Increased Residence Construction Activity: Residents should be aware that the SFU Residence area is currently undergoing increased construction activity, which has resulted in increased traffic, intermittent roadway and pathway closures and construction noise.  Please refer to the Residence Construction Updates page to view a map of the construction zones and updates on the various projects currently underway.