FIC Students & GoSFU Access

FIC students are now able to log on to and do the following:

  1. View your financial statement
  2. Make online credit card payments
  3. Set up Direct Deposit (for refunds - If you require a refund of your fees, SFU will be able to refund the amount directly to your bank account)

With GoSFU access, FIC students can also now access their financial institution's webpage through SIS in order to set up SFU as a bill payee, which will allow students to pay Residence fees via online bank payments.  For more details, see:

Now that you have access to these features on, you will no longer need to come to the Residence and Housing Office to make payments unless you are paying by debit card. This also means that you’ll now be able to download a statement of charges and payments made to your account at any time. Finally, you’ll also now have access to free printing in the Dining Hall provided you’re on a 5-day or 7-day meal plan.

How Do I Access GoSFU?

In order to access and make use of these new features, you MUST activate your SFU ID to access To activate your SFU ID, log on to the following website:

Once logged in, you will be asked to agree to the terms of use by clicking "I Accept." Then you must enter your SFU Computing ID (i.e. your SFU student number) to identify yourself. You will then be asked to complete a series of questions to activate your account.

It's Important To Check Your SFU Email!

Once you have activated your SFU ID all official emails from the Residence Office will now be sent to your SFU email address. You should ensure that you monitor this address for all important Residence information such as when fees are due and when to confirm for next term.

If you do not wish to regularly check your SFU account for updates, you may wish to ‘migrate your SFU emails’ as per the instructions noted on the SFU IT services page:

It’s important to note that we still highly recommend that you check your SFU email regularly if you choose to forward your SFU emails to another account.

If you have any questions about activating your SFU ID and/or forwarding your email, please contact SFU IT Services via or 778-782-3230.