Welcome to Your Residence Community

Residence Week of Welcome is a great way to start your residence experience, meet your neighbours, and join a community.


Welcome to Your Residence Community

  • AUGUST 29-SEPTEMBER 3, 2018

Residence Week of Welcome is for Everyone! It's a great opportunity to meet new people, connect you with campus supports, and learn new skills. Some of the Orientation events are required for all new residents. Residence Orientation starts with several days of fun-filled activities and events that are designed to help you make a smooth transition to living at SFU Residence. After classes start, programming continues throughout the semester.

Day 1 Move In + Week of Welcome

  • August 29, 2018

Welcome to Residence! This is the day that you move-in to your new room, meet your Community Advisor (CA) and fellow residents for the first time, and attend a big group event on campus to welcome you to Residence.The days before classes start include all meals, programming, and time with your CA and fellow residents.

Day 2+3 Other Programs

  • August 30-31

During the day, you have the option to attend any additional SFU Orientation programs outside of Residence that apply to you! If you choose not to attend those orientations, there are other activities in Residence during the day and in the evening for all residents! Check out the schedule for more details. FIC Orientation is taking place August 30 and 31, 2018 and you can find more information here.

August 31: All residents will attend their first community meetings the evening all Friday, August 31st where you will meet everyone living on your floor, including your Community Advisor, and go over some information about living in SFU Residence. Following the community meeting, any new residents will go with their Community Advisor to a presentation called Residence 101.

Day 4 and Beyond

  • September 1-3, 2018 and the Fall Semester

Various programs and opportunities to explore the area you've just moved into will take place throughout your first weekend in Residence. Check the schedule for specific details. All residents are welcome to join these programs! Programming for all residents will continue throughout the Fall semester. Make sure to check in with your CA, look out for posters, and follow our social media platforms for more details.

Other Orientations


Are you a new undergraduate student coming straight from high school? Are you transferring from another post-secondary institution? Welcome Day is for you! Join us for this informative day which will help you start classes with confidence. The day will highlight the many resources available to you, introduce you to your faculty, help you find your way around campus and, of course, connect you to other new students.



Fraser International College students have an orientation event specficially for them! Check your offer letter for details and visit the FIC Website to find out more about what to expect for FIC Orientation.



For undergraduate students who are new to Canadian culture (e.g. students holding a study permit, Canadian citizens living abroad, newly arrived Canadian Permanent Residents). International Student Orientation should be done in addition to Welcome Day. It does not conflict with Residence Orientation.