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AC - Area Coordinator

Each team of CAs has an AC.  The ACs are senior student leaders who coordinate the efforts of the CAs and  help with the administration of the Residence Life Program.  You might go to an AC if you have been involved in a lower level Community Standards violation, or if you are interested in hosting a party in residence.



This stands for "Barbara Rae House".  It is the middle of the three towers.  This building was formally referred to as Tower C.


CA Community Advisor

Every building has CAs.  The CA is a student staff member who runs community programs, lends a listening ear and refers you to the many resources available on campus, and makes sure that everyone living in residence feels safe and secure by enforcing the Community Standards.  They are also on-call after hours; on-call numbers can be found in your building.

Cancellation Notice

If you decide not to attend the University after the confirmation fee has been paid to Residence and Housing, you must inform the  Residence Office in writing; please refer to your Residence Contract for details about cancelling. No refund of any fees paid will be given for cancellations except under certain circumstances outlined in your Residence Contract.

Community Standards

If you are suspected of violating the Residence Contract, you will likely go through the Community Standards Process.  This process is meant to intervene in negative student behaviour in the Residences, and to hold residents accountable for their individual and collective behaviour.  Details of the Community Standards are located in your Residence Contract.

Confirmation Payment

The confirmation payment is a non-refundable payment that secures your place in residence.  Your confirmation payment is your first installment of your total fees for the term you are being offered.  Therefore, once received, the will reduce the total amount owed for fees.

Proof of your confirmation payment must accompany your signed Residence Contract.


Residence and Housing has a composting program.  All residents are encouraged to participate to help make our community more sustainable.  Questions can be emailed to reslife@sfu.ca.



This refers to the Residence Dining Hall.


Electronic Key (formally 'fob')

The electronic key is a black plastic disc attached to students keys that is used to give access to buildings.  For those living in the tower your electronic key also accesses your laundry room and the lounge on your floor.



Funtac is a blue substance that we encourage students to use when   putting up posters/pictures on their walls.  It does not damage painted walls.  However, please do not use funtac on cement.


HH or Ham

This stands for "Hamilton Hall".  It is our graduate-only building


KD - Kitchen Duty

A cleaning activity performed each evening by a member of the floor in Shell and McTaggart.  A rotating schedule is created by the CA and each member of the floor is expected to participate.  Duties include: sweeping, tidying up, wiping down the counter tops/furniture/appliances, and turning out the lights.


LD - Lounge Duty

A cleaning activity performed each evening by a member of the floor in the Towers (SBH, BRH, PJH).  A rotating schedule is created by the CA and each member of the floor is expected to participate.  Duties include:

  • sweeping
  • tidying up
  • wiping down the counter tops/furniture/appliances
  • turning out the lights.


MCH or MCT or McCow

This stands for "McTaggart-Cowan Hall".

Maintenance Request

If you experience different maintenance issues (i.e. plugged toilet, burned out light, leaks, etc.) you  are required to fill out a maintenance request.



This stands for "Pauline Jewett House".  It is the last of the three towers.  This building was formally referred to as Tower D.


Residence Contract

The contractual agreement between Residence & Housing and the student/resident. By signing the Residence Contract, the student agrees to the terms, policies, fees and deadline dates written in the Residence Contract.

RHA - Residence Hall Association

The Residence Hall Association is an elected body of students that creates social programming for all residents. The RHA also serve as a liaison  between students and administration to facilitate changes and express students’ concerns.

RLC - Residence Life Coordinator

RLCs are responsible for developing a positive living and learning environment for residence students that promotes academic and personal development. He/she supervises and coordinates the work of a large number of student residence life staff and responds to crisis and disciplinary situations in the residences. The RLCs supervise all of the Community Advisors, but work most closely with the Area Coordinators they supervise. The RLCs  live on campus to maintain a presence on campus during non-business hours, weekends and holidays.

ROL - Residence Orientation Leader

ROLs are returning students who are trained to welcome and support new residents to campus.  They arrange and host many events and activities that help students familiarize themselves with living on campus. 

Room Inventory Report

Upon moving into Residence, residents must complete a “room inventory form”.  This is the resident’s opportunity to mark down the condition of their room upon moving in.  The resident is to complete this form within one week of moving in.  The Residence Office will use this form to assess damages when the resident moves out.  If a resident does not fill it out, they will be charged $50.



This stands for "Doris and Jack Shadbolt House".  It is the first of the three towers.  This building was formally referred to as Tower B.

Simon or The Simon

"The Simon" refers to the Simon Hotel in Residence.  Located on the 8th floor of SBH, the Simon Hotel has 14 beautiful hotel rooms available for guests to stay in.

If you have family or friends coming to visit, you can actually get a special "Friends and Family" rate.  To see pictures and rates, visit:  http://www.sfuaccommodations.ca



This stands for "Townhouses".

TWIRL - This Week in ResLife

TWIRL (This Week in ResLife) is a   weekly e-newsletter sent out to all students living in Residence.  Its purpose is to inform and remind residents of important information, deadlines and notices.  It is also an opportunity for us to communicate to residents of the events happening in and around Residence for that week. It is the responsibility of the resident to know the information in this email.