Your student has moved in... now what?

Now that your student has moved into Residence, your role as a coach will be vital. Your student will be experiencing a lot of change: different food, different bed, different community, different time management, different type of education… It is important to encourage your student to support themselves, try new things and take this time to explore their opportunities.

Your student will be able to live off-campus for the rest of their lives. There are only a few years where they can live on-campus.

As a parent or family member, you are in a unique position to help guide your student's success. We hope that you find the following information useful to you in your mission to support your student.

Parent and Family Orientation 2018 Handout

What will help your child achieve university success?

Many students struggle with career indecision. As a parent, how can you help guide your university child in their career development? Watch the video for advice from the SFU WIL Team on this topic.

Things you should know

  • Sorry — we are not permitted to provide any information about your student to you; it would be a violation of SFU policy and BC law.
  • Paying the bills for your student?  Please talk with your student directly regarding their account - they will have access.
  • Every student in single-student housing gets free local telephone access.  Be sure to have your student tell you their new phone number.

Why should your student choose residence?

  • Residence offers competitive rates with living off campus.
  • Students will enjoy having everything at their doorstep; transit, the library, the Dining Hall and other on-campus eateries, the Bookstore, Health and Counselling Services, recreational facilities and classes.
  • Residence is staffed with student staff and  professional staff who are there to support your student and their experience in Residence.
  • Programming offered in Residence at SFU is based on your student’s needs, ensuring that there are learning opportunities, recreational programming, social activities and information sharing with students.
  • Residence is safe with the help of Campus Student Patrollers, Community Advisors, the Safe Walk program, security cameras and emergency response poles throughout the Residence area.
  • Residence is a great place for your student to meet friends who will last a lifetime.

Preparing for Residence - some tips and suggestions

  • Be an anchor. Listen with an open mind. Be supportive of change and independence.
  • Discuss expectations about communications. How often will you call? How often will your student write? Write your student a snail-mail letter, even if they don’t write you back. It is so wonderful to receive a non-bill piece of mail.
  • Send your student care packages including things that will remind them of home. Items might include local newspaper articles, favourite treats, photos, etc. Everyday items, like shampoo, gum, soap, cough drops, toothbrushes or simply a new magazine are always a hit.
  • Encourage your student to become involved in Residence and community life. Residence Orientation is a great start.
  • Be a coach, rather than a rescuer. Encourage your student to use the resources available at SFU. Learn what the academic and personal support services are and help point them in the right direction if they have questions or concerns.
  • Attend Parent Orientation on Residence Orientation Move-in Day (fall term only). You’ll meet members of Residence and Housing’s administration, other parents of students new to Residence, and the volunteers and staff who are here to support your student. Participate in a Residence tour and a coffee break while your student unpacks their room.  It's free for you to attend.

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