welcome to all our new student residents!

A Welcome Message from Tracey Mason-Innes, Director SFU Residence & Housing

Hello Everyone!

I am very excited to be at SFU and to work at a great university! Like many of you, I have been a student and remember what it was like to live in residence. I can tell you that the team of people I work with in Residence and Housing are working very hard to help you meet your community living goals.  I've spent 18+ years working in student services and I'd like to share a few things that I have learned to help make your experience here truly memorable...

  1. Get involved on Campus! We can show you what opportunities are available at SFU, but you need to take the first step.
  2. Reach out if you need a hand. We are here to help you if things get tough.
  3. Get to know who you are living with. Everyone has gifts to bring.

All the best in your studies and I look forward to meeting you soon! 

Tracey Mason-Innes, PhD
Director, Residence and Housing
Simon Fraser University 


Residence Life @ SFU...

Your time in Residence has the potential to be the most amazing time of your university career and we're here to help you make that happen.  Residence Life is all about providing you with the personal growth opportunities to develop the skills and gain the experiences you need to become a better citizen of the world. 

We work towards establishing communities of students that are grounded in a common sense of responsibility, purpose, integrity, respect and openness.

So while living at SFU Residence, become part of Residence Life and get involved! This experience is yours to make, so make it the best experience you can!