Large Scale Programs

Getting the most out of your student experience means getting involved!  SFU ResLife is all about giving you the opportunities to develop valuable skills and experiences during your time at SFU Residence.  Large scale programs attempt to address community needs on a broader scale. In this effort to engage the entire community, it is anticipated that a greater sense of awareness for diversity, camaraderie, and personal development will be generated throughout residence. Community Advisors actively participate in the planning of large scale projects each semester - but you can be involved as well! See below for our current list of large scale programs that you can get involved with!



Student-led initiatives that seek to inspire action & involvement from the SFU Residence community.

Eco Committee


A ResLife Program that strives to make SFU Residence a greener place for everyone.

Health Committee


Student-led initiative dedicated to raising awareness about important health-related issues to all residents. 



Student-led arts and culture council at SFU Residence.

Res Learning


A ResLife Program that strives to provide learning and personal growth opportunities for student residents..

Relay for


A ResLife tradition that raises money for the Canadian Cancer Society.