Art Attack

Who We Are...

We are SFU Residences' Art & Culture Council, our main goal is to bring diverse forms of art to the community and encourage residents to connect and engage with any and all artistic pursuits. Our events are centred around all forms of art; Visual Art, Theatre, Dance, Music, Film, Video Games and Illustration, at all levels.  We want to help residents find their artistic outlet and meet other like minded artists and students!

How We Get Involved...

This past Halloween we partnered up with the Inspiration Project to host the Haunted House which sought to provide residents  a scary (but fun!) atmosphere in exchange for a small donation. For the past two years we've also hosted a Rocky Horror Picture show screening on Halloween night whereby we provided props and popcorn at an all-ages, alcohol-free event.

We also hosted a Paint Your Own Ornaments table at the Winter Craft Fair, in which free supplies were provided for those who wanted to have a more personal touch to their holiday decorations.

Currently, we are organizing our 'Art Week' event, whereby one day a week will be dedicated to showcase a different artistic discipline.  At the end we will have an Open Mic/Talent Show event.

Current Projects & Events

  • Open Art Studio: free materials are provided for residents to work on their own visual art creations.
  • Art Week & Open Mic Night
  • Dance classes taught by Allison Sidnell

How You Can Get Involved....

Students wanting to get involved should check out our Facebook page and contact us there.  You can also speak to anyone of us during one our events.  We also have a blog in which we showcase Student Art, which can be found here.