Inspiration Projects

The Inspiration Projects (IP) is made up of individuals who work to better our communities both on a local and global scale. We aim to promote awareness, action, and involvement in our community to address local and global needs through community-building, service, and humanitarian efforts.

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Meeting Times:

Who We Are..

We get involved with specific causes and help organizations through fundraisers and doing outreach work. We have donated to different committees and causes such as  Homes of Joy, Canadian Cancer Society, UNICEF, the SFU food bank, and the St. James Music Academy.

In addition, we have held numerous Sandwich Drives downtown and participated in A Walk for Memories hosted by the B.C. Alzheimer’s Society to help raise awareness of their cause. Lastly, we have been sponsoring a sweet girl from an orphanage called Homes of Joy, Sara Lungu, for two and half years now and hoping to continue doing so for many more years to come!

How You Can Get Involved...

There are numerous ways to get involved with Inspiration Projects. You can come to our weekly meetings in Madge Hogarth House and partake in our planning discussions. Here you can bring forth certain causes and ideas that you think we should support and help raise funds for. These meetings are held every Monday at 8pm. All are welcome- the more merrier! If that is too much of a time commitment, feel free to be a part of our goals by simply attending our outreaches and fundraisers.

We look forward to fulfilling these plans and we hope to see your smiling faces this term!

Current Projects

  • Raising funds for Sara Lungu through Valentine's Day candygrams
  • Raising funds for the Canadian Cancer Society
  • Participating and raising funds for Relay for Life
  • Organizing another Sandwich Drive for the homeless in Vancouver
  • Volunteer work with Habitat for Humanity