Res Learning Initative

Who We Are...

Res Learning Initiative (RLI) is Residence’s large scale group with a focus on catering to the academic and professional development needs of the resident community.

The RLI’s main goals are to help residents get the most out of their education at SFU as by support them in the specific academic and career-related fields that they need help with.

We are a platform for personal, academic and professional development with the objectives of:

  • Establishing academics as a priority among residents,
  • Guiding residents in their career choices,
  • Connecting residents with on-campus opportunities, and
  • Engaging them with resources for positive and successful career and academic development

To achieve all this, we partner with various members of the SFU community such as: Academic Advising, Work learning Integrated, Career Services, and the Student Learning Common among others.

Current Events & Projects:

  • Rez-Wide Scattergories
  • Networking Night
  • Software Skills Workshops
  • Résumé, Cover Letter and Mock Interview Workshops

How You Can Get Involved...

To get involved, you may contact us via our Facebook page. The RLI is also planning to host open meetings for residents to attend and share their thoughts with our team members. People can also get involved by talking to any member of the RLI at any of our hosted events.