What We Do

Each term, ten dollars of your Residence fees goes to the RHA. The main use of these funds is to run a large variety of events throughout the year for you: the residents. It is through these events that we hope to build a stronger sense of community in throughout residence.

The RHA’s main objective is the development and preservation of the sense of community and goodwill found in residence.

This is accomplished through a variety of means, including student advocacy, event planning, the RHA Cup, event sponsorship, and resource rentals.

Student Advocacy

Past issues that have been brought to and addressed by the association have included:

  • Installation of a SmartCard laundry card refill station in townhouses
  • Lobbying to streamline the maintenance request process
  • Voicing concerns over the stability of the former ResNet provider


The RHA Cup represents a friendly rivalry between the different areas in residence.  At any given point in time, each building will be ranked in relation to the others by its RHA Cup score.

A building earns points in several ways:

  • When its residents attend events
  • When its residents are victorious in res-wide challenges
  •  When its residents participate in RHA Cup challenges (usually revealed in the Sh!t Happens newsletter)

In addition, the final RHA Cup showdown occurs in March. Over the course of the month, each area in residence hosts a high profile, res-wide event. With tons of points on the line, this is where the champions are made.

 Each year the winning house gets the honour of having its name engraved on the RHA Cup trophy!

Event Sponsorship

  • To apply for sponsorship, one must first make an appointment with the executive to come into our next scheduled meeting and present their event proposal. This is best done by emailing the board at rha-exec@sfu.ca.
  • CAs are to submit their proposals to the RHA/CA Liaison, who will review them and arrange for their meeting with the board.

Resource Rentals

  • Here, ‘rental’ is another way of saying ‘borrowing’.
  • The association owns a plethora of equipment, most of which is available for resident use, free of change.
  • Rentals are available first-come, first-served to all residents in good standing with the RHA.
    • To reserve equipment, a resident should come into the office during office hours and fill out a rental form. Depending on what is being borrowed, collateral may have to be left in the office once the equipment is signed out.