Who We Are

Who We Are

The ResLife team is comprised of a staff of professional and student staff who work together to ensure that the Residence community is an inclusive and safe environment for all residents.

Student Staff Positions

Area Coordinators (AC)

Area Coordinators (ACs) are senior student-staff members who work closely with the Residence Life staff to support the overall success of the Residence Life program. They assist with this goal by

  • mentoring, supporting, and coaching Community Leaders
  • developing residence wide programs that are in line with the Residence Life co-curricular programming model and meet the needs of the residence community
  • performing other para-professional duties including the management of lower-level Community Standard cases, on-going staff training and development, and administrative tasks.

Community Advisors (CA)

Community Advisors are student-staff members who live and work within your residence community. Their role is to be your first point of contact and to facilitate a great residence experience for you. CAs:

  • provide peer helping, conflict mediation, crisis intervention, or a safe place to talk should you need it
  • organize and run programs and events throughout the year in an effort to connect you with your residence community while also offering you the opportunity to reduce stress and learn something new
  • uphold the Community Standards within your community

Community Advisors are also "on call" for after hour support once the Residence & Housing Office and Residence Life Office is closed. To reach the Community Advisor on call for your area, refer to the signage in the front of your building.

Community Space Monitors (CSM)

Community Space Monitors assist in overseeing the Madge Community Space.  They take on various front desk duties such as fielding queries from students and helping ensure that the space is clean and tidy.

Professional Staff Positions

Residence Life Information Assistant (RLIA)

The Residence Life Information Assistant is your first point of contact when you visit Madge Hogarth House (Residence Life Office).

The RLIA can:

  • address your immediate questions and needs
  • book appointments with professional Residence Life staff
  • offer referrals for further assistance
  • assist you in accessing services in Madge Hogarth House (private study space, group study space, community kitchen, games room, music room, and a printing station)

Residence Life Coordinators (RLC)

Residence Life Coordinators are professional staff members who live on campus and work to support the overall Residence Life Program.

The three RLCs are responsible for developing a positive and respectful living environment that promotes academic success, personal growth and an inclusive community among residents.

The RLCs supervise the CAs and ACs and also work on a variety of special projects designed to enhance the residence life experience.

With regards to the Student Conduct System, the RLCs are responsible for following up on all behavioural concerns that are brought to the attention of Residence & Housing.

Residence Administrator (RA) - Vancouver Graduate Residence

The Residence Administrator (RA) is a professional staff member who lives in the Vancouver Graduate Residence Hall and works to support Residence & Housing and the Residence Life program.

This RA is responsible for offering administrative and day-to-day support to students as well as working with the community to develop a positive and respectful living environment that is conducive to academic success and personal growth.

The RA supervises the CAs and AC who work in VGR and also works with the SFU Vancouver Community to support the success of resident students.

With regards to the Student Conduct System, the RA is responsible for following up on all behavioural concerns that are brought to the attention of Residence & Housing.


Associate Director, Residence Life

The Associate Director, Residence Life is responsible for the development, management, and assessment of the Residence Life program.

The ADRL supervises the professional Residence Life staff team, oversees the residence curriculum, and manages the administration of a fair and educational residence judicial system.

The ADRL works with the Residence Life staff team to develop and maintain a Residence Life program that supports healthy, safe, and academically-focused residence communities.

Manager, Residence Life 

The Manager of Residence Life is a professional staff member who oversees the recruitment, hiring and training for all residence life student staff.

The Manager also oversees the strategic development, and coordination of the Residence Orientation Program and the Residence Life Co-curriculum programming model.

In the absence of the ADRL, the Manager serves as the designate for the residence judicial system. 

Other Coordinators

Residence Life employs several other professional staff members that work to support the Residence Life Program. They are responsible for the development and delivery of key residence initiatives such as Service Learning, Living Learning Communities, Orientation, and the Management of Madge Hogarth House community space. In all of these roles, Coordinators support and advise CAs, ACs, and RLCs.