Outbound exchange destinations: Malaysia

Monash University*

Monash Exchange Office


Sunway Campus (Malaysia) and Melbourne, Victoria (Australia)

Level of exchange agreement Undergraduate
Open to Students in all SFU disciplines
Disciplines offered

Courses similar to majority of SFU disciplines

Faculties available at Sunway Campus

Exchange Credit Ratio 1 Credit = 0.625 SFU Units (Host Credit x .625 = SFU Units)            
*This ratio is subject to change without prior notice
Exchange Credit History There is currently no Exchange Credit History for this university. Please contact studyabroad@sfu.ca for more information.

For Business students, see the SFU Business Exchange Credit Database
Language of instruction English
GPA requirement A minimum CGPA of 2.67 is required
Exchange terms available

SFU Summer = Monash Semester 2 (July - November) and/or

SFU Spring = Monash Semester 1 (February - June)

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Exchange Reports Spring 2013
Additional notes

This institution is a Preferred SFU Business Partner

*If applying for exchange in Malaysia at the Sunway Campus, please select Monash, Australia when completing your on-line exchange application. You must indicate your application for the Sunway Campus in Malaysia for your statement of interest. Complete all relevant sections of your application for Malaysia.