Academic Advising

Academic Advisors are here to support you in making informed academic choices in these challenging times.

You can access advising services in the following ways:

Student Services academic advising

If you are undeclared and under 60 units, or if you are experiencing academic difficulty, you're welcome to book a phone or virtual advising appointment to speak with an advisor. We also offer LiveHelp and drop-in advising.

Faculty and departmental advising 

If you are declared in your program or over 60 units, you can meet with your faculty or departmental advisor to discuss your options.

Advising information

General advising

How will post-graduate and professional programs assess a grade of "P"on my transcript?

Unfortunately, we do not know how post-graduate programs, including professional schools, will assess a "P" grade on a transcript. You will receive academic credit for any course with a "P" grade, but it will not count towards your GPA. It will likely take some time for post-secondary institutions to determine policies and processes around this, we recommend you check with the program you are applying to.

If I choose to withdraw (WD) from a course before the April 9 deadline, can I repeat the course in another term?

Yes, you can take the course another term.

Will a "P" grade count towards my W, Q, B requirements?


If I get an "F" in a class that I've repeated, does it still count towards my total allowable repeats?

No, courses for which F grades are assigned in the Spring 2020 term will not count towards the GPA or the repeat policy. (updated April 6, 2020)

Do I need to tell anyone if I am choosing to withdraw from one or all of my courses?

No, you can withdraw using goSFU and will not need to communicate this to anyone. You may wish to discuss how this would impact your academic plan with an Academic Advisor.

Will a "P" grade in a repeated course replace my previous attempt?

Yes, but it will count as one of your 5 allowable repeats.

Will a "P" grade in a repeated course count towards my five allowable repeat attempts?


If I get an "F" in a repeated class in Spring 2020, will it replace my "F" in my previous attempt?


Can I choose to take the "P" for one course and choose to keep my grade for another course?


How and when will I choose the "P" or my final grade?

You can now opt in for P grades through self service. After you login into goSFU, you can simply click on the link "Change My Grade to P", select course(s) for which you would like to change the grade, click Submit Request, and confirm your selection(s). We strongly encourage you to seek out advising from academic advising, Financial Assistance, and/or International Services for Students before changing your grade to a p. You cannot revert your grades from P to original grade through self service. After you submit, the status for the course(s) will be changed to In Progress. We expect changes to be completed by the system within 2 business days. You will receive a grade change notification email as soon as the system updates your request. Alternatively, students can also view the change through self service. Please note, the self service “Change My Grade to P” option will only be available until May 31, 2020.

Will I have the opportunity to see my grade before making my decision to choose a "P" or my grade?

Yes, you will see your final grade before making a decision on whether or not to pursue the "P" grade option.

I am in Back on Track (BOT) how will this impact me?

Please check your SFU email for information from the BOT team.

How will the P grade affect my academic standing?

A "P" grade will not affect your academic standing as they are not included in GPA Calculation. However, if you are repeating one or more courses this term, taking a P or F grade may improve your academic standing - please check with your Academic Advisor.

Will the P grade satisfy the FAL/ FAN X99 requirement of grade of "C or higher”?


Will the P grade satisfy a minimum grade requirement in a pre-requisite course?


If I am on academic probation and choose to take P/F grades, will I remain on academic probation?

Yes, if you chose a P/F option for all courses, your GPA would remain the same unless you have outstanding N grades or WE applications in progress. However, if you are repeating one or more courses this term, taking a P or F grade may improve your academic standing - please check with your Academic Advisor.

If I withdraw from my courses will I get a tuition refund?


Since Summer courses are going to be online, does it matter if there are time conflicts in my schedule? For example, can I take two courses offered at the same time?

Although courses will be offered online, the curriculum may still require live participation for all or some of the course. The format of each class may be a bit different. To be safe, we advise you to plan your schedule as you would if the courses were offered in-person, although you won't need to worry about running between or across campus(es).

NCAA athletes

Will choosing the "P" option make me ineligible for the NCAA?

If your CGPA remains above a 2.0, you pass (with a letter grade or P grade) a minimum of 9 degree applicable units in spring 2020, and 24 degree applicable units over the academic year, you will still meet your academic eligibility requirements. Please contact email (Kelly Traynor or Lindsey Butterworth) with questions specific to your situation.

Can I withdraw from a class by the April 9 deadline and maintain my athletic eligibility?

Yes, since there is no CARA for the rest of the spring term, however be aware that you must still maintain your 24 degree-applicable units over the year, so if you withdraw, you would need to take and successfully complete a summer class to make up your units.

When do I have to decide if I want to take the Pass/Fail option?

You will be able to decide once your final grades have been posted. Updates will be posted on the process, keep checking the FAQs above (top of this page) for updated information.