Undergrad withdrawal date extended; grading choices for Spring term 2020

March 24, 2020

This email is being sent on behalf of Dr. Jonathan Driver, Vice President Academic and Provost pro tem

I’m pleased to confirm that the following changes to our undergraduate withdrawal dates and grading practices for the Spring 2020 term were passed this afternoon by SFU’s Senate Committee on Undergraduate Studies:

Course Withdrawal Deadline Extension

  • Course withdrawal deadline is extended to April 9, the last day of classes for the Spring 2020 term. The normal withdrawal transcript notation of “WD” will apply, with no additional requirement for documentation, and no refund.

Choice of “P” Grade

  • For the Spring 2020 term, after final grades are submitted, students will be allowed to either accept their final course grade, or opt for a “P” grade (“Pass”), provided they had earned a D grade or higher. “P” grades count for credit and count towards both program requirements and the total credits required for a degree.
  • For purposes of enrollment in courses that have prerequisites, “P” grades earned in Spring 2020 will fulfill the minimum grade required in a prerequisite course.

Change to “F” Grades

  • Any courses completed with an “F” grade will not count towards the GPA for the Spring 2020 term.

We recognize that you will need to consider carefully what option you will choose for each course you are currently enrolled in. You may choose a “P” grade for as few or as many courses as you wish.

In the next several days we will prepare FAQs and other resources to help guide your decision-making. Please be patient with us while we put these resources together – you can expect an update from us with details early next week, including information about how to access advising regarding your individual circumstances.

We will continue to communicate with you to ensure that you have access to the information and support that you need to make your decisions.