Your U-Pass BC eligibility is determined the day after enrollment. If you meet the requirements to be eligible, then the U-Pass BC term fee is assessed to your student financial account within two business days after you enroll in course(s).

To use your U-Pass BC, you will need to visit TransLink's website or click on Purchase your Compass Card for details on how to purchase a Compass Card.

*Please note that during the Summer term, SFU also offers Intersession and Summer Session courses. Eligibility for the U-Pass BC program will vary depending on the type of session. If you are enrolled in all Summer term courses or a combination of Summer term, Intersession, and Summer Session courses and meet the requirements for the U-Pass BC program, then you will be eligible for the four months, May through August.


Eligible months

Term fee


2022 Summer*


   Summer session

May - August

   May - June

   June - August




2022 Fall September - December  $176.80  
2023 Spring January - April $176.80    
2023 Summer  May-August $180.40    


If your eligibility status changes within the term from eligible to not eligible, you will receive a prorated refund for the current and any future months that you are no longer eligible for the U-Pass BC program as long as you have not requested the U-Pass BC for the current month.