Virtual Tour - 360 Panoramic Views of Surrey Campus

Exterior Plaza

The exterior plaza of SFU Surrey is a hub of activity all throughout the year and is a prime setting for community events because of its central location. This area welcomes shoppers, employees, students and passersby with Blenz and Central City Brew Pub on either side, and places to sit and relax in the middle.

Aerial Panorama

Located in beautiful British Columbia, and more specifically in the Fraser Valley, SFU Surrey is situated in a fast growing and developing area, also known as the “Downtown of Surrey”. Since SFU Surrey is positioned above and in front of the shopping center, across from the North Surrey Recreation Centre and adjacent to the skytrain station and bus loop, everything you need is at your fingertips!

Sky-Train Station

Literally steps away from the skytrain station and bus loop, SFU Surrey is an accessible and convenient campus to travel to. The campus is open 24/7, and offers a “safe walk” program for our students who study late into the evening to make sure they get to the skytrain or bus safely.

Holland Park

SFU Surrey is located directly across from Holland Park which features a 1 kilometer walking trail, space for events, gardens, and public art displays. If you enjoy festivities, food and fun, Holland Park holds many community events, celebrations, and other entertainment.


The Mezzanine area of the SFU Surrey campus is the first point of contact for anyone visiting the campus, which makes it a great place to hold events such as the SFU Open House, Career Days, Information Sessions, mini golf tournaments, concerts, and more. This area contains the Student Services desk, the Advising Center, a print shop, our largest lecture theatre, Security, a computer lab, Blenz and the bookstore.

Mezzanine Overview

The award winning architecture of the SFU Surrey campus, designed by Bing Thom, gives the space an open, vibrant and modern look which seems to complement the creativity and innovation our students bring to the classroom. The roof, made of wood from stripped veneer is structurally stronger than steel.


From the Galleria, students can look down into the Central City Shopping Center, and also look up and admire the boat-like shape of the roof above it. This area holds generalized instructional space including classrooms, tutorial rooms, and group study rooms. The floor to ceiling windows let in the natural light, and the circular shape of the walkway makes it virtually impossible to get lost!

Galleria 3

Galleria three is connected at a point by two different buildings at the end of the walkway. These buildings are separated slightly by shock absorbers, making the Galleria an exceptionally safe area in the instance of an earth quake. The light portals located all along the Galleria indicate intersections where all of the classrooms are located. Only tutorial and group study rooms are located on the outside face of the Galleria.


Not only does the SFU Surrey library give students access to books, thousands of online journal data bases and electronic articles, but students are also able to rent high end technology such as film cameras, sound and lighting systems and more for free from the library. The library is also equipped with research librarians, computers, group and silent study spaces, a print and copy room as well as a media room and video games room!

Lecture Hall

This is one of three lecture halls at SFU Surrey that seats 100 students. Our lecture halls are equipped with reclining chairs, and some have electrical outlets on every seat. All of our rooms are centrally automated, meaning that there is a 3 inch LCD screen at the front of the room which controls the lights, blinds, projector, and screen, allowing the professors to change the working environment with ease.

Class Room

All of our classroom style rooms are furnished with moveable tables and chairs to facilitate different workspace styles. Electrical outlets are located in various locations on the floor to allow for students to bring their laptops for note-taking. All of these rooms are centrally automated (see Lecture hall).

PC Lab

Computers in the PC lab are all loaded with the latest programs, allowing students to keep up to date with fast changing technology. These labs are used for tutorials, to allow students to apply what they learned in their lecture and facilitate hands on learning. Students can also use the PC Lab to do homework or assignments when the room is not being used for classes.

Mac Lab

Like the PC Lab, the computers in the Mac Lab are all loaded with the latest programs, allowing students to keep up to date with fast changing technology. These computers are especially useful for students working on interactive arts and design projects. Also like the PC Lab, the Mac Lab is used for tutorials, allowing students to apply their learning with a hands-on approach.

Seminar Room

These rooms are used for tutorial learning. Tutorials are a one hour a week component of certain courses where students are put in a class of 15-30 classmates. This allows students to engage in the material that they are learning in lectures and enables them to ask in depth questions. These rooms facilitate group learning with the moveable tables and chairs, and multiple whiteboards used in team exercises.


This is our largest lecture theatre at SFU Surrey, and it seats 200 students. A great feature in this room is the 3D technology which allows users to watch 3D movies! One of the great things about this campus is the smaller class sizes. Our average class size is around 82 students, and will never exceed 200 – a great advantage when most university class sizes range from 300-500 students! This theatre is also centrally automated (see the Lecture hall for explanation).