Display Box Request

Please fill out the glass box display request form.  Any questions can be directed to Facilities by emailing: srymail@sfu.ca

Policy re-use of glass display boxes 

Simon Fraser University’s Surrey campus has several glass display boxes built into the floor on the Mezzanine, Podium and Galleria levels. These boxes are intended for the display of faculty and student projects and for promotion of university-related events. The following policy governs the use of these boxes.

Priority for use of the boxes is as follows (descending order of priority):

  1. university-wide projects/events
  2. campus-wide projects/events
  3. school/faculty/department projects/events
  4. class projects
  5. individual faculty projects
  6. graduate student projects
  7. undergraduate student projects
  8. community engagement initiatives
  9. other

If no particular location is requested, an appropriate box will be assigned. If a particular location is requested, it will be accommodated if possible, given the previous mentioned criteria.

The default period for display is one month. Extensions can be requested and will be honoured if possible, subject to availability.

Student Displays
Requests by graduate and undergraduate students for use of display boxes (outside of class projects) must be sponsored by a faculty or staff member. 

It is the requestor's responsibility to ensure the displayed materials fit into the dimensions of the display box.  Any modifications required to make the items fit will be done by the requestor. Items for display may be two or three-dimensional posters, models, etc.  No liquids, gels, compostable, flammable materials allowed. SFU Surrey campus administration reserves the right to refuse a request for display and the right to remove a display should circumstances warrant. 

Requests for the use of a display box are to be made using the online form set up for that purpose. The requestor is asked to fill in the following information:

  • name
  • department
  • contact info
  • faculty/staff/student
  • name, description of project
  • location desired

Once the request has been approved by SFU Surrey campus administration, installation will be done by Facilities Management.


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