Door Sign Request

To keep signage consistent we have developed a Surrey campus door sign.  Please order door signs directly through Document Solutions. Download the editable PDF here and make the text changes in Adobe Illustrator or another suitable program.  Once changes have been made to the PDF, you can place your order online at (if you have a WebCrd account)

If you do not have an online account, please email your order to: Room 2590, on the Mezzanine
Monday to Friday – 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Local 28050

To request an offical SFU Surrey door sign, please fill out the online form.

Shared use copiers and fax machines are provided for faculty and staff in central locations.  Access codes are required for the photocopiers and may be obtained from Maureen McConnell, local 27477. Any service issues should be reported to Facilities at extension 27495. Fax machines are available for faculty and staff in the Library, room 3675, in the Mail Room, room 1425, at the Information and Security desk on the Mezzanine, at Registrar and Information Services (Registrar staff only) and in room 3572 (ACS and Facilities staff only).

Printers for faculty and staff are co-located with the photocopiers and fax machines in Podium 2. There are 4 printer stations for faculty and staff in rooms 3064, 3084, 3355 and 3225 on Galleria level 3. For printing assistance, please contact the ACS Help Desk at extension 27490. For large print jobs, the services of Document Solutions, which is located on the Mezzanine adjacent to the Westminster Savings Theatre, are available.

SFU Documeny Solutions strives for excellence through its personnel, expertise and technology to provide students, faculty and staff with the most compelling and highest quality service in areas of document management, scanning, cross-media publishing, printing and promotional products.