My Neighbourhood, My Future: Guildford West

The My Neighbourhood, My Future: Guildford West Engagement Team hung out at Holly Park in Guildford West, City of Surrey, on May 17. We asked residents to: "Tell us how your neighbourhood can be the best place for children to grow up!"

My Neighbourhood, My Future is a United Way of the Lower Mainland initiative created in collaboration with the Human Early Learning Partnership at the University of British Columbia and the Social Research Planning Council of BC to address early childhood vulnerability.

Guildford West is an ethnically diverse neighbourhood in the City of Surrey selected for this initiative given the significant challenges faced by families living here as well as the opportunity to build upon existing community assets and capacity.

Through partnerships, place-based planning, and meaningful engagement with families, service
providers,  and businesses, Guildford West can become a place where all young children get the best start in life. Resident stories,  ideas, and leadership will shape an action plan for investment in Guildford West over five years.

Tell us what it is like to live in Guildford West in the City of Surrey, BC, and contribute to positive change in your neighbourhood!