MATE Program


The Master of Arts for Teachers of English (MATE) Program provides the opportunity for English teachers in the elementary, secondary or college system within the province of British Columbia to pursue advanced studies in English literature. The MATE Program offers an innovative and accessible graduate degree program without compromising the quality of instruction and intellectual engagement or the rigour and breadth of scholarship of the regular MA program in English. The 2018-2020 iteration of MATE will have three courses focused on Aboriginal literatures.

The MATE Program will benefit graduate students in several ways, including:

  • Significant salary increases in most professional teaching environments;
  • Flexible scheduling to accommodate working teachers;
  • Coverage of a broad spectrum of traditional and new areas of English studies;
  • Development and refinement of interpretative, critical and scholarly skills;
  • Sparking the intellectual curiosity required for doctoral studies;
  • Development of professional competency in literary analysis and in writing;
  • Opportunity to engage in specialized academic scholarship; and
  • Preparation to join the academic research community for further study.

MATE is a two-year cohort program, enrolling a select group of 12-15 students in each cohort. While MATE typically is located in the architecturally exhilarating SFU Surrey campus, for the 2018-2020 cohort MATE will be meeting at the SFU Vancouver campus. The MATE support staff will remain on the Surrey campus.