Welcome to FASS @ SFU Surrey!

Welcome to the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the Surrey campus. We hope that you will enjoy your teaching semester with us. Whether you are new to the Surrey campus, or are joining us once again, the information provided below will help ensure a smooth transition.

Further questions? Contact Lynn Wood:
Tel:  778 782-7609  Email:  fasspa@sfu.ca

How do I book office space?

A limited number of shared offices for Instructors are available for those who wish to hold office hours.  These offices will be booked on a first-come, first-served basis.  If you wish to reserve space in one of the available offices, please contact Lynn Wood as early as possible and indicate your preferred day/time for office hours.  Please note that office hours are limited to two hours per week, per course during FASS business hours: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.  If you think you will need additional hours, requests will be taken after the end of the second week of classes, and we will do our best to accommodate your request.  

A $20 deposit is required to sign out a key for your office. Your key deposit will be refunded to you when your office key is returned at the end of the semester.

If you would like to use your office outside of your reserved office hours, on an occasional basis, you are welcome to do so.  Please contact Lynn to be sure that there will be no conflict with other instructor bookings.  Should there be a conflict, you will be asked to vacate the office.

Computers are provided in each shared office, and wireless access for you to use your laptop is also available in these offices and throughout the campus.

Acess cards: Do I need one? Where do I pick it up?

SFU Surrey photo ID cards act as access cards for faculty, staff and students in Surrey programs. Most of the space on Galleria 3, the Mezzanine and Podium 3 is open. Access cards are required to enter computer labs, specialty teaching space, and the main entrance and elevators after hours.

The FASS Surrey office space is open 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday. You will need an access card in order to gain entry after hours and on weekends.  You are strongly urged to pick up an access card.

Simply visit the Registrar’s desk on the Mezzanine (2nd floor) to have your picture taken and a card printed for you; visit the SFU Security desk and they will activate the card for you.

All new and returning instructors and teaching assistants must take their ID card to the Security desk on the Mezzanine, at the start of each semester, to have it activated. 

Please report any lost or stolen cards immediately to the Facilities department at extension 2-7495 or 604-506-7495 mobile. The cards can be deactivated to prevent unauthorized usage. This is critical for ensuring the safety of SFU Surrey’s premises and that of its neighbours. Replacement cards can be obtained at Registrar and Information Services. There a $25.00 charge per replacement card.

How do I get to the Surrey Campus?

Surrey Campus map and directions:

From SFU's Burnaby Campus

  • Head down the hill on Gaglardi
  • After you cross the Lougheed Highway, turn LEFT onto Cariboo and go up the hill to Tenth
  • Turn RIGHT on Tenth, then LEFT on McBride (to the Patullo Bridge)
  • Cross the Patullo Bridge and go up King George Boulevard
  • Central City will be on your right between 102 and 100 Avenue. Turn right on 102 Avenue, left on University Drive, and left into the parking complex.

From Vancouver

  • From Hastings Street, drive East
  • Remain on Hastings through East Vancouver and turn RIGHT onto the Highway 1 eastbound ramp
  • Continue on Highway 1 and cross over the Port Mann Bridge
  • Take exit number 48 shortly after the bridge (108th Avenue/152nd Street exit)
  • Keep right on the off ramp and merge onto 152nd Street southbound
  • Drive past the 108th Avenue turnoff and continue up to the 104th Avenue intersection
  • Turn right on 104th Avenue and continue westbound to King George Boulevard
  • Turn left on King George Boulevard and continue southbound
  • Turn right on 102 Avenue, left on University Drive, and left into the parking complex.

From the Fraser Valley

  • Head Westbound on Highway 1
  • Take exit number 50 (104th Avenue), keeping left on the off ramp
  • Follow the off ramp over the bridge and merge into 104th Avenue
  • Continue on 104th Avenue westbound to King George Boulevard
  • Turn left on King George Boulevard
  • Turn right on 102 Avenue, left on University Drive, and left into the parking complex.

Where can I park my car?

SFU does not own or manage the parking lots located at the Central City Mall, home of the Surrey campus. Only vehicles with valid paid parking are authorized to park near campus.

Mall parking is for retail shoppers only. There is no free parking for SFU Surrey. The three hour time limit for parking is for shoppers only. SFU students and visitors do not qualify in this category of parking.

Parking scripts can be purchased at a cost of $2 each (cash only) from Lynn Wood in the FASS office. Parking is restricted to parking levels 3 and 4 of the parkade.  Once you've purchased your passes, please register your vehicle by sending the following information to srypark@sfu.ca:

  • Your Name
  • Cell/Contact number
  • Pass #'s
  • Day of the week you'll be using the pass (for instance Mondays and Wednesday for the next 13 weeks)
  • Licence plate number

How do I reserve an assignment drop box?

Assignment drop boxes can be reserved for your courses by contacting Kathleen Lepitzki in Facilities at lepitzki@sfu.ca.  Whether you choose to use an assignment drop box or not, we ask that you remind your students not to leave assignments under the shared office doors, or under the FASS front entrance door.

Can I send/receive mail and supplies?

The FASS Workroom is located in room 5173.  Mail boxes are available for each department, i.e. English, Humanities, etc.  These mail boxes are intended for the receipt of inter-campus mail, most often from your home departments.  There is a separate “Inter-Campus” out-going mailbox where you can place any mail that you need returned to Burnaby or Vancouver. If you are sending or receiving something through inter-campus mail to or from Burnaby or Vancouver, please allow 2-3 business days for items to arrive. Please be sure to check your department mail box regularly for any items addressed to you.

A very limited amount of basic office supplies, i.e. pens, pencils, whiteboard markers, highlighters etc. are available if you need them.  Please see Lynn Wood for supplies.  If you have any specific office supply needs you will need to request these items from your home departments. 

The FASS Workroom is open 24/7. If you are unable to gain access, please notify Lynn or SFU Surrey Security at 778-782-7511.

Does FASS Surrey provide exam materials and course/instructor evaluations?

Final exam booklets will be provided by FASS Surrey but midterm booklets and other materials must be supplied by your home departments.  Please be sure to make timely arrangements with your departments to send any necessary supplies to you in Surrey.  Exam booklets/materials can be sent to the attention of Lynn Wood, FASS @ Surrey, and she will ensure that materials are securely stored until you are able to collect them.  Lynn will notify you when your materials arrive. 

We are happy to help with course evaluations by receiving materials from your home departments, and returning completed evaluations to them securely.  Please remind your home departments to send your course evaluation materials to Surrey prior to the evaluation period.  Again, Lynn will notify you when your materials arrive.  During the evaluation period, an assignment drop box will be set up at the south end of Galleria 5.  The box will be clearly labeled “FASS Course Evaluations”.  You may instruct an assigned student to collect all completed evaluations, seal them into the envelopes provided, and deposit the package into this drop box.  The drop box will be emptied daily and the evaluations will be securely transported back to Burnaby for you.

Where can I photocopy and print?

Printing and photocopying for small jobs (50 pages or less) is available in the FASS Workroom (Rm. 5173). A copy code can be obtained from Lynn in order to use the copier/printer in this room. PLEASE NOTE: You are entitled to copy/print a maximum of 30 pages per student. These amounts will be calculated based on the enrollments in your lecture and input into the FASS photocopier. Once your limit has been reached the machine will no longer allow you to make copies. If you would like to increase your limit, please speak to Tracey Anbinder, Manager for FASS @ Surrey, at fassmgr@sfu.ca.   

For copy and print jobs larger than 50 pages, you must use Document Solutions, which is the campus print-shop. Document Solutions is located on the 2nd floor Mezzanine. To use Document Solutions for print or copy jobs, you can either send your document electronically to docsolsu@sfu.ca, or take a digital or hard copy down to the Document Solutions office and they will assist you.  IMPORTANT: When placing an order at Document Solutions you must provide the technician with the charge code for your home department (eg. HIST, SA, CRIM etc.), so that your department will be billed appropriately. 

Information about printing and copying will be provided to all Teaching Assistants as well. TA’s will have to use the desktop computers in the TA offices or their personal laptops and print to the network printer in SUR 5173 or they may use Document Solutions. TAs are to get the course copy code number from the instructor.

SFU Surrey tries to implement and promote environmentally conscious practices whenever possible. For this reason we encourage all instructors and teaching assistants to use Canvas or an alternative web-based format for distributing class readings and materials to their students. You may also scan documents to email to students on any campus photocopier. Please help us to reduce waste and costs associated with excess printing and copying, by offering digital options for students whenever possible. 

Please note that Sessional Instructors are responsible for making their own duplicating arrangements for course handouts, midterms and final exams through Document Solutions.

Whom do I contact if I require additional technical support in the classroom?

SFU Surrey is proud to support teaching and learning through the latest technologies and equipment. If you require assistance with any of the teaching equipment available in your classroom, you are asked to contact IT Services. Phones are available in every classroom with a direct dial to the IT Services Help Desk. 

Tel:  778 782-7490
Email:  help-surrey@sfu.ca

Every classroom on campus comes equiped with a desktop computer, as well as other basic equipment such as overhead projectors and document cameras.  Some rooms have additional features.  You are strongly encouraged to explore your classroom prior to the first week of classes; information on equipment and locations of SFU Surrey classrooms and labs can be found here.  If you require any equipment not available in your classroom, please contact IT Services at help-surrey@sfu.ca. Please give them as much advance notice as possible.

Who do I contact if I will be late or I have to cancel my class?

If you are going to be late for class or will not be holding class on a particular day due to illness, for example, you are encouraged to notify your students via email through your class email lists.  You may also contact Lynn and either an announcement that you will be late will be made to your class, or a notice of cancellation will be posted on the classroom door. Please try to provide your students and Lynn with as much advance notice as possible.

How can I print my class roster?

At the beginning of term there can be some flux in the enrollment of your course. If you want the most up-to-date class roster, please find below simple instructions on how to access this information:

  1. In SFU Connect, navigate to the MySFU tab located along the top of the page
  2. Under 'Menu' on the left choose 'Faculty Center'
  3. Find the class for which you want a roster
  4. Click on the people icon to the left of your class number
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click on the blue box 'Printer Friendly Version'
  6. Print out your roster

How do I setup a maillist?

Faculty and staff may create lists for instructional, administrative or research-related purposes. You may create lists which include web archives. Faculty and staff may create a special type of list called a course list which automatically contains the registered students. For detailed information and instructions, please visit Maillist Policies and Etiquette.