• Criminology is the study of crime and how society responds to crime.
  • A degree in Criminology prepares graduates for careers in law enforcement and criminal justice (policing, probation and parole). Many students use their Criminology degree as a foundation for law school or enter careers in areas such as policing, corrections, and social work.


  • The School of Criminology is the largest in Canada and an internationally renowned criminology and criminal justice teaching and research center.
  • Criminology courses are integrated with a wide range of disciplines including psychology, sociology, political science, economics, history, philosophy, computing science and mathematics.
  • Students are provided with an interdisciplinary understanding of the complexities of criminal and other deviant behaviour, society’s reaction to crime and justice, the operations of the criminal justice system, and key areas of law such as criminal law and the law relating to human rights.
  • SFU's internationally renowned School of Criminology now offers its undergraduate program at SFU Surrey, as well as at SFU Burnaby and SFU Vancouver.


  • A new certificate in Police Studies is offered at SFU Surrey.
  • The International Cybercrime Centre, a joint venture of SFU, the province, and the International Society for the Policing of Cyberspace (POLCYB), will investigate online crime trends and help to develop new tools to counter cybercrime.

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