First-Year Learning Communities (FLC)

Our FLCs are modeled on successful learning communities that have been developed by other world-class universities. FLCs (pronounced “flicks”) give you the opportunity to meet classmates, form meaningful friendships as well as develop academic and personal skills.

In addition to your core courses (which are taken over two terms), in your first term, you will meet once a week as a group with your Peer Leaders for useful and fun activities. FLC meetings will address your academic, personal and social development.

A peer leader acts as a helpful guide, offering advice based on academic experience in the field of study. Your leader will be an excellent resource as you move through your first year at SFU. He or she demonstrates good practice, provides opportunities for review and refers students to appropriate support services.

Your leader will organize speakers and facilitate discussions on various topics such as academic skills (e.g., how to approach assignments, talk to a professor, or pick a major) and other student concerns (e.g., stress and time management, finding resources on campus, making friends, etc).

Peer Leaders are supervised by staff members and work closely together to make your first year the best it can be!

As a first year student, you will find that there are many people available to assist you during your studies at SFU. The university and department orientations provide information on getting around campus, finding and using campus resources, and creating your class schedules. You can also receive more personalized assistance by having a mentor and being part of a FLC.

Build a peer support network, learn to navigate the university system, and get better acquainted with all that FASS has to offer!

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Want to join the FLC?

If you have been admitted to FASS One and would like to be part of the FLC at the Surrey campus, contact   or 778.798.9384 for additional information and/or to reserve your spot. Spaces are limited.