Starting in Fall 2019: Next Steps

Next steps for your new semester at SFU Surrey

University Prep course

This online course on Canvas is still a great source of information. Please continue to work on it throughout your first term.

SFU Email

Outlook is the official communication delivery system for SFU and FASS One. Please make it a habit to check this email frequently, as important information from your course professors/TAs, Student Records and Student Finance, as well as from FASS is provided through this email. Your U-Pass reload notice will go to this email as well.

You can connect SFU Outlook to your iOS devices and Android devices, so that you don't miss an important notice or information. You are responsible for keeping up with your email notices.

Frequestly Asked Questions

1. Where do I find what textbooks to buy, and when should I buy them?

Required Texts: A list of required text(s) is usually available on the course outline. There is a link to the course outline from the current calendar (Fall 2018) or through course search.

Buying Textbooks: This is a matter of preference. If you are certain of your courses, then you can bypass the line ups by buying early. This way, you can also get an early start on the course material. Never too early to get prepared for a course!

If you are unsure about staying enrolled in a course, you may want to wait until after the first class. You may or may not be able to get a refund if you drop the course after the first class. Some courseware packages are nonrefundable, so find out before you buy.

2. When and where do I get my SFU Photo ID?

Within 24 hours of registering for courses, you are eligible to get your SFU student ID card at any one of the three campus Registrar and Information Service counters. Beat the rush during the first week of classes by getting it earlier. The University is closed on Monday, September 2 for Labour Day.

The Surrey Registrar and Information Service counter is open Monday to Thursday from 9:00am to 4:30pm and Fridays from 10:00am to 4:30pm. SOONER THE BETTER!

3. I'm going to be driving to the campus. How do I opt out of U-Pass? And how do I get a parking pass?

U-Pass: You cannot opt out, unless you are not eligible. Even if you are driving in, you still have to pay for U-Pass.

Parking Pass: Apply for parking lottery online.

4. I already have health insurance through my parent(s). How or when can I opt out of health and dental?

Please review the Health and Dental Plan opt out information. There is a specific time period for opting out of the health plan.

5. When and where do I have to pay for tuition?

Deadline to pay tuition and student fees is Monday, September 19. A 2% late fee penalty will be assessed after the due date and on the first of each month thereafter. Find all posted deadlines on the website.

The easiest method of payment is through online banking. Choose Simon Fraser University as the payee, and the account number is your student ID, with an added "0" at the beginning is the account number requires 10 digits.

You can also pay the Registration and Information Service counters at any of the three campuses. No cash or credit card is accepted; only debit or cheques.

6. Is there tutorial in the first week?

The best place to get this answer is to look at the course outline or do a class search and look at the Class Notes section. You may also get an email from your course instructor about this: Check your email often, especially in the first week. The decision to hold tutorials is up to the instructor, and students should not assume that there will not be a tutorial in the first week. For instance, see the bottom of the course outline for ENGL 111W under the heading "Department Undergraduate Notes."

7.  Should I bring my laptop/tablet to class?

Your instructor may provide some guidance in the first class as to what is acceptable in the classroom. If this point is not mentioned in class, then it is the student's preference.

8.  What if I didn't, or couldn't, attend Welcome Day?

If you have a question, feel lost, need a helping hand on the first day or the first week of classes, please do not hesitate to contact the FASS coordinator.

Your FASS One Contact

Advising appointment for the following inquiries:

  • Academic standing
  • Course selection and planning
  • Declaring a major
  • Transferring to another program or faculty
  • Repeating courses
  • Academic difficulty
  • Resources/services
  • Any question

Rosaline (Rose) Baik
     e |
     p | 778.798.9384
     o | Room 5169, Galleria 5