Operations Research (Mathematics)

Why Study Mathematics?

Mathematics, although an ancient discipline, has lost none of its relevance to everyday life in the modern world. As scientists delve more deeply into the nature of the physical universe, more sophisticated mathematical models are required. Mathematics is interwoven with Computing Science and Business. The encryption techniques required by modern business and communications are supplied by mathematics. Modern computers allow mathematical techniques to be used which were previously impractical because the associated calculations would have taken a lifetime to complete.

Some mathematics graduates go on to graduate school in mathematics or other fields such as economics, engineering, statistics. The top employment areas for individuals with only a bachelor's degree in mathematics are top and mid-level management, secondary school teaching, computer systems analysis. A growing area of employment for mathematics graduates is Operations Research.

Math is Beautiful: various fractal images

What can I study as a Mathematics Major?

Pure and applied mathematics. At the Surrey campus there is an emphasis on courses related to Operations Research. Second, third, and forth year courses are now available.

Can I take courses at either the Burnaby or Surrey campus?

Mathematics majors have full access to all courses and programs offered by the department at both the Burnaby and Surrey campuses.

Program options at the Surrey campus

  • B.Sc. with major/honors in mathematics. Degree requirements are listed in the University Calendar. In this respect there is no difference between the Surrey and Burnaby campuses.
  • At the Surrey campus a program in Operations Research has been developed.  Please see the SFU Calendar description for more information about this program.
  • Students entering from high school should complete first year within the Faculty of Science, Surrey campus if possible. Courses are also available that the Burnaby campus.
  • Co-op education is available and encouraged

Graduate Program


SFU Surrey offers MSc and PhD degree programs in Mathematics with a specialization in Operation Research. Distinctive opportunities exist for undergraduate and graduate students to get involved in a variety of applied research projects.

Please refer to the graduate studies page for further information.