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Supporting students to be 'close to home' - and their moms

May 22, 2018

This past Mother’s Day, SFU and Blackwood Partners joined together for a joint pilot venture that raised over $1,000 for SFU’s Close to Home Scholarships. The Mother’s Day Charity Giftwrap Centre was operated by SFU student, staff, and alumni volunteers who worked tirelessly to wrap gifts, promote the centre and additionally, raise funds for a cause that moms would appreciate.

Being able to stay close to home and study benefits students as well as their families—including moms. Doing so shouldn’t be a privilege, but it is – and it’s a joy that some of our students get to experience when they come to SFU for the first time.

 The Close to Home Entrance Award is given to student applicants who demonstrate a commitment to their school and wider community, who exhibit leadership, and who show an academic interest in programs offered at the SFU Surrey campus. Preference is given to those residing in locations south of the Fraser River, thus providing them with the opportunity to study “Close to Home”.

Since its inception in 2007, more $250,000 has been raised and over 180 students have benefited from these scholarships.

Being able to study close to home can come with its perks – like the chance to be near family and loved ones. Family is an important touchstone for any student and for our first-year students who are going through the transition from high school to university, being close to mom or dad can keep them grounded and ensure that they feel supported.

I appreciate the chances I get to connect with the parents of our students. It helps me learn more about how they are working to support our future alumni and community changemakers. Our SFU parents are so giving and supportive – especially our SFU moms!

My thanks to the volunteers who signed up for shifts and dedicated their time and energy in making this possible:

SFU staff: Angie Van Vliey, Cynthia Wright, Gloria Kwong, Kim Paris, Linda Wang, Michael Chang, Nav Chima, Nichol Mak, Niloufar Asemani, Rose Baik, Samantha Beck, Tessa Briglio, and Tevy Leyson.

SFU students and alumni: Aashna Sharma, Adreana Billur, Alice Roberts, Alison Liang, Asmaa Awad, Bea Gamboa, Chris Louie, Darren Sin, Elizabeth An, Erin Obi, Fiona Jin, Gurpreet Gahlan, Jaskaran Oberoi, Jasleen Kalsi, Jennifer An, Joseph Kim, Jujhar Mann, Kabilan Tharmaratnam, Kai Zhang, Karen Feliciano, Kim Van, Kimberly Tañedo, Kuljeet Thind, Lina Nguyen, Lucy Lei, Maryam Motlagh, Manjot Badseha, Melissa Ho, Natalie Chow, Olivia Hunt, Qingyun (Kitty) Lin, Robert Nguyen, Shesha Adikari, Stacy Heman, Svetlana Borkovkina, Tara Trang, and Winston Chau.

A special thank to Trisha Dulku who was instrumental in the organization and co-ordination of this campaign, and my thanks to Blackwood Partners (Meghan McCrea and Mona Liu) for supporting this project. 

Learn more about the fund here: https://give.sfu.ca/giving-opportunities/sfu-surrey-close-home-entrance-awards

Steve Dooley
Executive Director, SFU's Surrey Campus