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Surrey's Top 25 Under 25

May 07, 2018

It’s very humbling to have the opportunity to share the stage with a group of bright, forward-thinking young people, whose goals would easily surpass those of many of us in the room when we were their age. 

I was among those to officially congratulate the recipients of the Surrey Board of Trade’s annual Top 25 Under 25 on April 26. During the awards ceremony we heard compelling details about their achievements, goals and accomplishments. They share many common traits. All are deeply engaged in their community, already planning their next steps and exude confidence about their futures. 

Many of them are innovators, creating new products and ideas aimed at improving the environment or addressing personal health and safety. Others have started organizations aimed at raising self-esteem among kids and helping new immigrants to feel welcome. At the same time, many are volunteers working with kids or in hospitals, contributing to community events and sports groups. In short, they are already making contributions and grasp the value of adding to the social fabric of our community.

Here at SFU’s Surrey campus we are especially proud to see how SFU Innovates and the university’s engagement strategy are front and centre as SFU awardees step forward. Since the award’s inception eight years ago more than 80 SFU students and alumni  - nearly half the recipients - have been recognized with Top 25 Under 25 awards for their contributions to Surrey.

As measured by the success of students in the SBOT Top 25 under 25 we are clearly doing something right at SFU. We attract very bright students who lead  with both heart and brain power. And, clearly, the success of the students has been impacted by amazing professors, lecturers, program staff and supportive alumni and mentors. If it takes a village to raise a Top 25 under 25,  we seem to have found a way help our students grow and aspire.

It’s encouraging to know that so many of our youth are motivated to have an impact on their world. I congratulate every one of the recipients and can’t wait to see how each of these 25, now part of an impressive roster of 200 Top 25 Under 25 ‘alumni’, will continue to make a difference.

Steve Dooley
Executive Director, SFU's Surrey Campus