Graduate Certificate in Development and Sustainability


The Development and Sustainability Graduate Certificate connects faculty who teach and undertake research across the university, and enables students to coordinate their graduate studies to concentrate on development issues, using a multidisciplinary approach.

Students graduate with a regular graduate degree offered by their home units (masters or doctorate), plus a graduate certificate that recognizes their concentration in the field of development and sustainability studies. Students move through their programs in their departments while also being in regular contact with those with common interests in development across the university.


Students complete four courses: SD 801-5 - Issues, Concepts and Cases in Development and Sustainability, and three additional courses – from at least two programs – selected from a list of graduate courses approved by the DEVS Steering Committee.

Though working on projects, theses, and essays is not a requirement of the certificate, students who elect to complete projects, theses, essays in the unit of admission (known as the home department) in a development-related subject will be encouraged to participate.

Please consult with your supervisory committee before registering for courses.

See the SFU Calendar for complete details.

Note: Students in programs where they pay the same fee every term will not be required to pay extra fees to enroll in certificate courses. Students in programs where fees are charged on a per-credit basis must pay extra tuition fees for the courses they take.


The Development and Sustainability Graduate Certificate is not a ‘stand-alone’ program, but is designed to be complementary and additional to a regular graduate degree. Thus, only students enrolled in a regular departmental, school or faculty graduate program at SFU (including Special Arrangements students) can participate in the certificate. Students are admitted to the university and graduate from their home units according to departmental, school and faculty regulations.

To declare the DEVS Graduate Certificate, please contact Sandy Goettler, the Academic Advisor for the Sustainable Development Program.


In the future, we hope to offer admission to non-SFU graduate students. If you are interested and wish to be contacted when this becomes available, please contact Sandy Goettler, (, the Academic Advisor for the Sustainable Development Program.