Signature Sustainability Initiatives

Campus-Wide Signature Sustainability Projects

20-Year Sustainability Vision and Goals

Through SFU’s innovative engagement methodology, the entire community of faculty, students, staff, and senior leadership across all three campuses were invited to envision the University's long-term sustainable future.

5-Year Sustainability Strategic Plan

All SFU departments work together to meet sustainability targets in operations, research, academics, and campus engagement.

Sustainability Dashboard

Formerly the Sustainability Reporting Initiative (SRI), the Dashboard is a snapshot of SFU’s history, commitments, progress, awards, and directory of institutional sustainability.  It provides a snapshot of SFU's annual Carbon Neutral Action Report and AASHE STARS tracking in one digital channel.

Annual President’s Awards for Leadership in Sustainability

Every year, a member of SFU's students, faculty and staff are recognized for their outstanding leadership in advancing the cause of sustainability within and beyond the University.

Zero Waste Initiative

SFU’s Zero Waste Initiative is based on circular economy principles.  The Initiative has been nationally and internationally recognized for its quality, innovation, productivity and communication, and for diverting over 70% of the University’s landfill waste within the first year of its launch.

Sustainable Spaces

By certifying offices, labs, events and dining venues, SFU students, faculty, staff and contracted businesses help the University to achieve its sustainability targets.