Our Services

Access free, best practice services to support and strengthen your existing and emerging sustainability initiatives in operations, teaching and research, and campus engagement:

Sustainability Strategic Planning

To integrate industry excellence standards into current departmental operations, we can support you to assess risks and opportunities, conduct comparative analyses, develop goals, implementation plans, engagement designs, and evaluation metrics.


Assessments, Tools and Checklists

To align departmental decisions and develop university-wide projects, we assist project and department leads to implement their sustainability action plans, integrate sustainability into their management policies and systems.


Incubation of Sustainability Leadership Initiatives

To advance signature sustainability projects, we convene with different stakeholders and may provide sponsorship for up to three years.  In addition, to celebrate and recognize SFU's excellence in sustainability, we coordinate awards nominations and strengthen funding applications for the SFU community and partners.  



Sustainable Spaces Certification

To provide an opportunity for SFU departments, contracted vendors and individuals to help SFU reach its sustainability goals, we provide self-guided checklists, toolkits, prizes and events to SFU offices, labs, food vendors and event organizers.


Measurement, Reporting and Business Intelligence

To track and assess departmental sustainability progress, we provide SFU-specific data, reports and research, sector-specific sustainability best practice measures and assessment metrics, and comparative analysis.


Communication, Recognition and Brand Narrative

To promote SFU sustainability innovation, research, engagement and leadership, we promote stories within and beyond the University, consult on sustainability brand, and share opportunities and events on campus.