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Building a sustainable society requires the collaborative effort of students, faculty, staff and senior leadership across departments and campuses.  

SFU Facilities Services assists SFU to develop policies and plans regarding energy conservation and carbon footprint reduction, implement conservation projects and report on progress.  Since 2007, the department has helped the instituion to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 23%, despite a 10% increase of physical space. Along with FS,  SFU's Ancillary ServicesResidence and Housing, and Procurement Services develop and continually improve waste reduction and diversion, through infrastructure development, education, auditing, and applying a lifecycle assessment tool to University purchases over $50,000.  Their collaboratoin has led to numerous awards and increased waste diversion from 25% in 2012 to over 70% in 2015.


Embark Sustainability is the largest student society at SFU and empowers student leaders to play a leadership role both on and off campus.  In addition, RADIUS SFUSFU InnovatesStudent Services, and the Surrey Campus have connected all self-identified change-makers across SFU and the communities we serve.  Thanks to their collaboration to improve social sustainability, SFU achieved the Ashoka Changemaker Campus designation in 2017.

The Sustainability Office

Supporting SFU's senior leadership to develop and implement sustainability policies and plans; the Sustainability Office empowers existing and emerging ecological, social and economic sustainability initiatives across the institution through best practice services and signature sustainability projects. 

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