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Certified Green Labs

SFU recognizes labs across campus for taking a leadership role in becoming certified green. These labs have modeled sustainability and incorporated sustainable research practices in their daily lab activities.

If your lab is lacking from this list, and you think you would like to certify your lab as a Green Lab, register here!

Gold Level Labs

Brinkman Lab 2015 web

Brinkman Lab - Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

The Brinkman Lab is a "microbe-loving bioinformatics and genomics research lab, aiming to better control infectious diseases in a sustainable way." The Brinkman Lab upgraded their certification to the Gold level during the 2015 Green Office+Lab Challenge, becoming the first Gold Level lab!

Silver Level Labs

Elle Lab web 2

Elle Lab - Biology

The Elle Lab is an ecology research lab in the Shrum Biology building with current research that includes the study of determinants and impacts of pollinator diversity, crop pollination, and more. The lab features sustainable activities like the reuse of packaging and labelling paper in the pinning of captured insects and ensuring that sustainable lab practices are included in lab orientation. [Also pictured in above page photo]

Biology 8121 Teaching Lab-2014 web

SSB 8121 Teaching Lab - Biology

This Biology teaching lab, led by lab technician Cheryl Leonard and managed by Brian Medford, sets the bar high for teaching labs at SFU. Each lab workstation is equipped with an individual powerbar into which all instruments and computers are plugged. At the end of each lab session, students are not permitted to leave until their stations are cleaned and all equipment is turned off.


Gates Research Group - 4D Labs - Chemistry

The Gates Research Group allows students to "acquire hands-on experience in the synthesis and characterization of nanoscale materials." Some outcomes of their research include development of cost effective hydrogen and methanol fuel cells and new therapeutics for the management of cancer. The research group has certified as a silver level Green Lab and has met all of the actions in the areas of communication and education, recycling and waste reduction, and water conservation.

Crespi Lab 2014 web

Crespi Lab - Biology

The Crespi Lab is an evolutionary biology lab that focuses research on behavioural ecology. Lab members have committed to going green by meeting ALL of the actions in the recycling and waste category. The lab also conserves energy with shared freezers and refrigerators and ensures energy conservation practices when setting up equipment. The Crespi Lab upgraded their certification to the Silver level during the 2015 Green Office+Lab Challenge!

Bronze Level Labs

Cupples Lab (The P Lab) - Molecular Biology & Biochemistry and Biomedical Physiology & Kinesiology

The Cupples Lab conducts research on kidneys and understanding how they normally protect themselves from high blood pressure. Researchers in the lab are sure to take sustainable actions during their work, including sharing supplies to reduce waste and excess purchasing, as well as ensuring all equipment is turned off when not in use.

Landscape & Conservation Science Research Group - Geography

The Landscape & Science Conservation Research Group, led by Dr. Meg Krawchuk, "focuses on landscape ecology, biogeography, pyrogeography, and conservation science - looking at biophysical controls over ecological phenomena." The lab works to address the "causes and effects of ecological disturbances, vulnerability of terrestrial ecosystems to climate change, and challenges in conservation planning." In their certification, the lab completed additional actions outside of the traditional Green Lab requirements, including ensuring the use of eco-conscious, biodegradable, and reusable cleaning materials, as well as ensuring their lab field vehicles are driven at speeds that conserve gasoline and turning off vehicles instead of idling.

MBB Teaching Lab - Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

The MBB teaching lab, led by Dr. Irina Kovalyova and lab technician Jenny Lum, takes special efforts to ensure their lab teaching practices are sustainable. Plastic ware is cleaned and reused whenever possible after experiments, and handouts printed on one-side are reused as scratch paper.

Labs in Process of Becoming Green Certified

Molecular Cardiac Physiology Group - Biomedical Physiology & Kinesiology

Britton Lab - Chemistry

Marlatt Lab - Biology

Williams Lab - Biology