Research Projects

Sustainable Living Indoor Gardens Utilizing Energy-efficient and Renewable Energy Technology

How do we feed the world’s population of 7.8 billion? Afagh Mohagheghi and research team aim to utilize renewable energy and energy savings strategies to develop sustainable indoor gardens at SFU’s Surrey campus.

Project summary:

  • This project aims at utilizing renewable energy and energy savings strategies to develop sustainable indoor gardens to be established in the SFU Surrey campus and possibly deployed to other campuses. In collaboration with Embark Sustainability, the project team will build these technology-enhanced gardens for promoting nutritious and sustainable food production and accessibility.
  • In the area of renewable energy, the following technologies will be implemented and tested: (i) transparent photovoltaics, and (ii) LED supplemental lighting with intelligent daylight harvesting. The control algorithms will be adjusted and tuned based on feedback from students and garden operators to achieve optimal performance.
  • SFU Surrey Operations is aware of the project and Living Lab will make additional effort to enhance the project’s connection to the Surrey Campus as a whole.

How will this project benefit society?
The objective of this project is to develop technologies that can facilitate local production of plants in indoor environments that are energy-efficient and feasible. Local, sustainable, food production can help to eliminate transportation costs and help local economy. It also ensures everyone has access to fresh products.  

Research Team
  • Afagh Mohagheghi, PhD student, School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering
  • Mehrdad Moallem, Professor, School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering
  • Pablo Vimos, Gardens Coordinator, EMBARK Sustainability and SFU Surrey Operations

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