Student Opportunity: Join the SFU 2025 Developmental Advisory Council


Developmental Advisory Council is shortened to DevAC throughout this document. This description of the DevAC student role should be read in tandem with the DevAC’s Terms of Reference.


We are mindful that students can experience barriers to access that might impact their ability to participate as outlined in this description and the DevAC Terms of Reference.

  • We are planning for accessibility throughout this process, however we cannot anticipate all accessibility needs. Therefore, we are open to discussing different options for participation.
  • Once selected, DevAC members will be asked if any specific accommodations are required to facilitate participation. However, if you would like to discuss this prior to submitting an Expression of Interest, please reach out via email to discuss this with Kim Thee (she/her;, the Sustainability Office’s Manager of Student Learning and Leadership (a phone call can be arranged if this if preferred).

About the Role

The Sustainability Office invites interested SFU students to submit a brief Expression of Interest to join the DevAC for a one semester term.

Facilitated by the Sustainability Office, the DevAC is an intersectional group of students, faculty, and staff who will establish the foundation of the official Advisory Council (commencing in January 2021). Both of these groups are the sounding board and governing body for SFU’s Strategic Sustainability Plan, 2020-2025 (SFU2025).

The DevAC will:

  • Provide informed recommendations to SFU, the Sustainability Office, and Strategic Sustainability Plan Target Working Groups about the process and substance of key aspects of the Strategic Sustainability Plan;
  • Develop the Terms of Reference for the 2021 Advisory Council (this includes the guiding principles, composition, group goals, structure, etc.); and
  • Develop the 2021 Advisory Council recruitment plan (this includes the recruitment methods and process; selection process, and plan for leadership and guidance).

The DevAC’s approach1:

  • Share the work (decisions, development process) on the development of key aspects of the 2021 Advisory Council with the SFU community.
  • Center voices and perspectives of people from communities that have been made marginalized by environmental interventions and that are disproportionately impacted by climate change, including Indigenous and Black communities, and people living with disabilities.
  • Acknowledge that structural changes to climate action work are needed in order to approach this work in respectful and reciprocal ways.
  • Equitable public engagement with an intersectional group of staff, faculty, and students that reflects the diversity (social identities, lived experiences, career/educational levels) of SFU’s communities; and
  • Learn from failures and oversights.

What’s in it for you?

  • Job ready skills and experiential learning
  • Networking and relationship building with other passionate students, SFU departments, and faculty
  • Experience working on a small, diverse team with ambitious goals and the opportunity to shape SFUs governance approach to climate action 

The Details

Meeting Format

  • Meetings will be held via Zoom and will be no longer than two hours, with scheduled breaks.

Time Commitment

  • Time commitment
    • Total number of hours: 15 hours spread over the Fall 2020 term, including:
      • Five meetings throughout Fall 2020 term, maximum 2 hours each
      • These meetings have been scheduled on the following Thursdays from 10:30am to 12:30pm.
        • September 24
        • October 15
        • November 5
        • November 26
        • December 3
      • Approximately 1 hour of prep work per meeting (5 hours)

Role and Expectations of Members

  • Group members are expected to review materials, attend/contribute meetings and discussions, engage in constructive and respectful dialogue, and to honor the confidentiality of other members.
  • Preparation work for meetings
    • Given the co-created nature of the work the DevAC will be engaging in, meetings will be interactive and oriented towards completing the work that the DevAC is mandated to complete. Therefore, members should expect to prepare for each meeting. This prep work will likely involve reviewing, editing, and contributing to documents to be discussed at the upcoming meeting.


  • Student members of the DevAC will receive a honorarium of $300.00 for the completion of the full appointment.
  • The honorarium will be prorated should students need to miss one or more meetings.


  • All current SFU undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to submit an Expression of Interest.

Application Instructions

Please send your Expression of Interest by email to Melissa Fiorucci (she/her), the Sustainability Office’s Administration Coordinator ( by 9:00 AM on Monday, August 31.

Your Expression of Interest should include the following information:

  1. Your contact information (SFU email address, phone number, and your preferred means of contact)
  2. Your program(s) of study (including major(s), minor(s), etc.) and the number of credit hours you will have completed at the end of the Summer 2020 term.
  3. Confirmation that you can attend the scheduled meetings listed above or an indication that you anticipate barriers to access and would like to discuss different options for participation.
  4. A brief statement (no more than 400 words) describing your interest in serving on the DevAC, including responses to the following questions:
    1. Why are you interested in serving on the DevAC?
    2. What would you like to contribute to the DevAC? This can include, but is not limited to, skills, knowledge, lived experience, passion, etc. that you believe are relevant to the DevAC’s mandate.

Selection Process

  • Expressions of Interest will be reviewed by the Sustainability Office after the submission deadline.
  • Students will be notified of the results of the selection process by Thursday, September 10.
  • We regret that we will not be able to offer membership on the Developmental Advisory Council to all students who submit an Expression of Interest.

General Inquiries

If you have any questions, concerns, or curiosities before submitting an Expression of Interest, kindly contact Kim Thee, the Sustainability Office's Manager of Student Leadership and Learning, at or 604.363.1170. 

About the SFU 2025 Sustainability Plan

The SFU 2025 Sustainability Plan provides the foundation for SFU's sustainability efforts from 2020 to 2025. Given a global climate crisis, the Plan mobilizes the entire institution to embed climate action throughout its operations, research, academics and community engagement. The plan includes three overarching goals and 16 climate action targets to guide the institution for the next five years. To learn more about the Plan, click the button below.

1 The DevAC Terms of Reference includes a detailed summary of the approach and goals. The structure was modelled after A Strategic Framework for Public Engagement (Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue).