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Story Submission Guidelines

  • If possible, please submit requests at two weeks prior to your preferred publication date, in order to be scheduled into our editorial calendar.  
  • We accept op-ed blogs, or curate story ideas for which you may request an interview and photography. 
  • We publish to SFU's sustainability website, social media and newsletter.  For stories of interest to the entire SFU community please submit to SFU News, and submit the published link for amplification through our social channels.

Event Submission Guidelines

  • If possible, please submit event requests at least four weeks in advance of the event date to be included in our monthly newsletter. 
  • Events must relate to ecological, social or economic sustainability either at SFU, or involving SFU departments, programs or individuals. 
  • To receive further promotion, support and tools, certify your event as a Sustainable Space by completing our online checklist.  
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