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Young Urban Leaders from 52 Cities Selected to be UN SDSN Local Pathways Fellows

The UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network - Youth Initiative (SDSN Youth) has selected its inaugural class of the Local Pathways Fellows – sixty young innovators, urban planners, architects, advocates and sustainability leaders that will “champion local pathways for sustainable development” in more than 52 cities across the world. Read more...

Why Change Our Name?

Indeed, why muck with a good thing?  Answer: by mucking with it, we get a better thing!

The Centre for Sustainable Community Development is joining forces with the Development and Sustainability Program to create a new Centre for Sustainable Development and an affiliated new Sustainable Development Program at SFU.  The Centre will house our research and outreach activities, while the Program will house our academic programs and courses... Read more here.

Catalyst Builds Third Housing Sector in Vancouver

The lack of affordable housing is a pressing problem in Metro Vancouver and elsewhere. CSD Director Mark Roseland serves on the Board of Catalyst Community Developments Society.  

See how Catalyst is addressing affordable housing in this Global News clip, which also features CSD Adjunct Faculty member Michael Geller here.

CED Training in BOLIVIA

The Bolivia CED project has produced a document outlining the innovative pedagogy used in the CED training programs in Bolivia. More details


Food Sovereignty in Canada explores how communities all over the country are actively engaged in implementing alternative agricul- tural and food models within the framework of food sovereignty — taking control over food- producing resources, markets and agricultural policy.

Food Sovereignty, the internationally focused volume advocates a practical, radical change to the way much of our food system currently operates, this book argues that food sovereignty is the means to achieving a system that will provide for the food needs of all people while respecting the principles of environmental sustainability, local empowerment and agrarian citizenship.


Students are excited to be making their SCD 410: Social Enterprise for Sustainable Community Development course project idea a reality. Shift Delivery Co-op is a cargo-trike delivery service for goods deliveries in downtown Vancouver. Organized as a worker cooperative, they’ll provide both a zero-emissions alternative to conventional delivery methods and an empowering work opportunity for themselves and other young people. For more information on the project see the news articles in the SFU News and the Vancouver Sun or visit the Shift Delivery Co-op website at:


The Centre is pleased to announce its participation in the second phase of “Cooperation, Knowledge and Development; A North-South Project for Cooperation and Development; Latin America-Caribbean-Canada”. This initiative, funded by IDRC-Canada, is aimed at further development of an Internet-based model that supports North-South and South-South knowledge partnerships based on management of communication, information and learning activities implemented through ICT-based pedagogical approaches, resources and practices. The Centre invites professors, researchers, practitioners and students to visit the project at Interested persons may contact the project’s coordinator in order to examine ways to collaborate or contribute to its various activities.