2016-2017 Cohort

Bluehive Technologies is developing an installation-free battery system for residential use that allows users to reduce their electricity bills in areas with fluctuating electricity costs by smartly managing battery usage, and provides automatic backup power for ease-of-mind during outages and emergencies.

Team members: Emmee Agassini, Joseph Fredrick, Kevin Ko, Wilson Wong, Yesung Cha

Locus is a retail analytics hardware and software solution that provides managers with consumer behaviour information that augments their current data so that they can optimize product placement, pricing, and store layout.


Team members: Aaron Lee, Adham Elshaer, Ala'a Sha'alan Braeden Peterson, Tanvir Sooch, Tim Nosov, Tony Vukasovic

In the face of a growing world population and the need for more efficient and cost effective methods of food production, Seren Technologies is developing an add-on system for soilless farms to automate the sprout transplanting and crop harvesting process. This allows hydroponic farmers to save money and time by reducing their reliance on manual labour while increasing the efficiency of their farms.

Team members: Brian Liu, Gavin Wiese, Jason Manoharan, Puneet Sran, Sheldon Maciel, Sung Lee

Zennea is a socially driven medical technology company making improved Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) devices to make treating obstructive sleep apnea more comfortable and discrete than traditional solutions. Initially driven to find a better sleep apnea solution for our family and friends, we now aim to create and deliver this solution to millions of people suffering from interrupted sleep.

Team members: Aryan Memarzadeh, Bradey MacMillan, Nell Du, Oliver Luo, Rachel Chase & Ryan Threlfall