Terry Fox Run details

Plan to participate at your campus event –  Friday, September 28th

Why have Terry Fox Day at SFU?

  1. To honour Terry Fox and celebrate his memory.
    Terry is arguably the most famous person ever to attend SFU. In November 2004, Canadians voted Terry Fox the second Greatest Canadian of all time, after Tommy Douglas, following a nationwide contest organized by CBC (over 1.2 million votes were cast). A 1999 national internet survey named him Canada's greatest hero. And this famous Canadian hero whose legacy has inspired and helped so many people, was a student at Simon Fraser University!

    Since Terry’s death in 1981, the Terry Fox Foundation has raised over 600 million dollars worldwide for cancer research. This money has been used to produce newer and better treatments for many different types of cancers, and to bring us closer to an eventual cure for cancer.

  2. To educate students about values that Terry Fox represents – courage, perseverance, humanitarianism, selflessness, one person CAN make a significant difference in the world.

  3. To promote healthy and active living, with a focus on cancer education and prevention.

  4. To raise money for the Terry Fox Foundation to be used for cancer research.
    Almost every person at SFU has a family member, a friend, or an acquaintance who
    has been affected by cancer. By doing this we are helping to carry on Terry’s
    unfinished work.

  5. To enhance community spirit at SFU and pride in the University.