Thalia Germanica


Die 6. Internationale Tagung der Thalia Germanica Forschungsgesellschaft

Die 6. internationale Tagung

15. - 18. Juni 2004

Lodz, Polen

THEMA: Deutsches Theater im multikulturellen Raum Beiträge werden nach folgenden Schwerpunkten geordnet:

1. THEATRES: Itinerant players, permanent theatres, puppet theatres, circus- their sponsors, buildings, ensembles, administration including the co-operation of German and non-German theatres;
2. GERMAN CULTURAL VALUES ABROAD: programs, repertory, productions, dramatic subject matter, texts, adaptations and translations of plays by foreign playwrights on German stages and German repertoire in theatres of other cultural regions
3. ACTORS AND DIRECTORS: co-operation of German artists with theatres from other cultures, non-German artists within German theatres: biographies, actors' agencies, contracts, rules for actors
4. THEATRE PUBLIC AND RECEPTION: Who formed the audience? What was the reception like? In what media was reception recorded? Was the auditorium of German theatre filled with multinational audience? Were German spectators present in spectacles of theatres operating in other languages?
5. MULTICULTURAL ISSUES: German-language models & influences on indigenous beginnings/traditions; did elements of other cultures permeated into German theatres?
6. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL ISSUES: Source studies, archives and libraries, collections of theatre documents.

Theatre historians, Germanists, Artistic Directors and others interested in German-language Theatres abroad are invited to participate. Speakers have 20 minutes for the paper and 10 minutes for questions. Persons presenting a paper should become members of the Thalia Germanica society (membership form and registration form available on the on the society website.

The conference program will include an excursion to Warsaw.

A completed registration form is expected by February 15, 2004. Proposals for papers in English or German with a half-page summary are invited by March 31, 2004. Weitere Auskünfte sind vom Dr. Karolina Prykowska-Michalak oder Dr.Hab. Malgorzata Leyko einzuholen.

Diese Seite ist immer noch im Aufbau (4. Februar, 2004)

Vorige Tagungen der Thalia Germanica Forschungsgesellschaft: 2003, 2001, 1999, 1997.

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