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Thalia Germanica, an international society for research into the history of the German-language theatre abroad, considers "abroad" to mean countries beyond the historical borders of Germany and Austria. German-speaking strolling players and troupes or amateur groups played or founded theatres wherever they travelled or settled. The Society is therefore interested in German theatre history world-wide from the Wanderbühne to the present, whether in Tallinn, Riga, Viborg, Montreal, Lodz, San Francisco, Chicago, St. Petersburg or elsewhere.

The main aim of Thalia Germanica is to encourage research into the history of the German-language theatre as part of the theatre history of individual countries. At least every two years, the society mounts an international conference to exchange information, present research results and report on progress in the analysis of archive materials. Selected scholarly papers from each conference form a volume in a series of proceedings.

The society also publishes a newsletter between conferences to disseminate information from all member states about new research, publications, conferences and live theatre performances in German. Members are invited to submit news items including a note about their own publications for the newsletter. A complimentary copy of it with a Directory of members may be requested at any time.

Dr. Horst Fassel
Institut für Donau-schwäbische Gesch./Landeskunde
Mohlstr. 18
72074 Tübingen


Dr. Gunilla Dahlberg
Academic Advisory Council
Litteraturvetenskapliga inst.,
Lunds universitet, Helgonab. 12
Litteraturvetenskapliga inst.
S-223 62 Lund

Dr. Malgorzata Leyko
Uniwersytetu Lódzkiego
Katedra Dramatu i Teatru
Pastlowa 14 m. 2
PL-91 226 Lódz
Tel/Fax 004842/6 32 04 31

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