Thalia Germanica

2006 Membership Application Form

To join the Society:

Please submit this form electronically or write to the address at the bottom of this page.

Current fees are as follows:
European Members: EUR 25.00
Non-European Members: EUR 30.00
Students in the EU EUR 15.00
Students outside the EU EUR 20.00
Cheques or money orders for the membership fee should be payable in Euro and made out to the name "Paul S. Ulrich" (Thalia Germanica Treasurer), and should be sent to the address at the bottom of this page.

Direct payment of the membership fee may also be made to: Bankverbindung: Konto-Inhaber: Paul S. Ulrich
Berliner Bank
BLZ: 10020000,
Konto-Nr.: 7632519930
IBAN: DE47 10020000 7632519930
Please denote payment specifically for "Thalia Germanica Mitgliedsbeitrag 2006" [Thalia Germanica Membership Dues 2006]

Members from outside North America may either mail a money order/bank draft or cheque. Personal cheques must be made out to "Paul Ulrich" along with with a notice that the funds are for Thalia Germanica membership fees.

Please inform colleagues in other disciplines, libraries and archives as well as persons interested in the German-language theatre in your area and nationally about this society.

If you cannot send this page as you have written it by e-mail, please print it out and send it to the address below by snail-mail.

Title / Titel:
Preferred Mailing Address
Bevorzugte Postanschrift
Special research interests

Paul S. Ulrich; Schatzmeister, Thalia Germanica
Bamberger Str. 53
D-10777 Berlin
Tel.: +49 (30) 211 4671